Monday, March 12, 2007

News of the Day (March 12)

Communist China looking to hide its persecution under "anti-cult law": Naturally, Falun Gong, already a victim of brutal repression, is a target (Between Heaven and Earth), but the Communists have slapped the "cult" label on several other faiths, Christian included.

More on Communist persecution of religion: The Hong Kong regime covers its tracks by destroying evidence (BHaE), while the Communist-run "Catholic" church tries to make Communist China look good with an Olympic Bible campaign (Boycott 2008).

Enlightened Comment of the Day: Fang Jue (New Century News via Epoch Times) takes the prize with this priceless opening (emphasis added): "Recently, some overseas Chinese media claimed that the reformist group within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was holding the upper hand before the 17th National Congress convenes, and both of Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao would promote the reform of China's political system at the upcoming 'Two Conferences' and the 17th National Congress slated for this fall. This claim has no basis in fact."

On the state of the workers in the workers' state: Amnesty International issues a report on the plight of migrant workers in Communist China (Boycott 2008).

Students in NYC protest Communist China's involvement in Sudan: The human-chain demonstration was a pointed and necessary reminder of the Communist regime's support for the authors of the Darfur slow-motion massacre (Epoch Times).

Communist China's trade surplus nears another record: The February numbers - the second highest on record - highlighted the growing effect of the Communists' deliberately devalued currency (BBC).

Int'l Atomic Energy Agency head in Beijing on his way to Stalinist North Korea: Mohamed ElBaradei "said he planned to hold meetings in China - North Korea's closest ally and a key broker of the 13 February deal - before he leaves for North Korea on Tuesday" (BBC).

"Once you are in a military, you should learn to steal as soldiers." That's what the Stalinist military teaches its trainees (Daily NK).

On the Communists' Korean colony: The United Nations Development Program explains its reason for leaving SNK - "we were being used completely as an ATM machine for the regime" (One Free Korea). OFK predicts the future in North Korea. Dovish South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun repeats his call for a Korean peace treaty (United Press Int'l via Washington Times), while the South's Kaesung Industrial complex is being used by the Stalinists to house more workers (Daily NK). A new book on the SNK famine is out (OFK).

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