Tuesday, March 27, 2007

News of the Day (March 27)

Hu Jintao and Putin talk Iran; anti-Communist protesters can't talk at all: As Russian police arrested more Falun Gong practitioners protesting Hu's visit to Moscow (Epoch Times), guest and host "jointly said they wanted to find a 'mutually acceptable solution' to Iran's 'nuclear problem'" (BBC). Don't believe the deceptive headline; Iran was asked to do nothing - at least not by Communist China (Wall Street Journal).

More on the Communist-backed mullahcracy of Iran: The seizure of fifteen British servicemen lights up the British blogosphere (Britain and America, Daniel Hannan, Harry's Place, and Iain Dale's Diary, h/t Iain Murray in National Review Online - The Corner) and is a major topic of conversation on the rest of the web (BBC, MSNBC, Michael Ledeen - NRO, NRO Editorial, NRO Symposium, NRO - The Corner, NRO - The Tank, Washington Times). Within Iran, the big story appears to the the arrest of a corrupt mullah (Washington Times). Meanwhile, the politics of oil may not be as good for Tehran as first appears (NRO - The Corner). Michael Rubin has the rest of the Iran news (NRO - The Corner).

Pakistan signs another deal with the Taliban: Bill Roggio (Worldwide Standard) has the bad news, and also comments on the older deals the Communist Chinese ally has inked with al Qaeda's pre-2001 host.

Beijing surrender news: Christopher Hill suddenly talks semi-tough, although One Free Korea remains unconvinced (and rightfully so).

More on the the Communists' Korean colony: Daily NK examines how Stalinist North Korea became the disaster it is now. Family reunions are back, somewhat (BBC). Daily NK calls on the South Korean government to support Radio Sea-Breeze.

U.S. Senator will oppose any greenhouse policy that excludes Communist China: As the cadres' regime is about to become the worst carbon emitter on earth, Senator Pete Domenici (Republican - New Mexico) insisted he would oppose any attempt to regulate greenhouse gases unless the cadres agreed to join (NRO - Planet Gore). Senator, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

Chi Mak trial begins today, not yesterday (Bill Gertz, Washington Times). Mea culpa.

New Zealand police detain journalist at Communists' behest: That's how Capital Chinese News reporter and photographer Nick Wang sees his expulsion from NZ's Parliament (Between Heaven and Earth).

On the Communist Olympiad: Former Australian swimmer Jan Becker talks to the Epoch Times on her efforts to bring attention to the upcoming hosts' terrible human rights record.

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