Friday, March 30, 2007

News of the Day (March 30)

American general details Communist Chinese space weapons program: Marine Corps General James Cartwright spoke to the Senate Armed Services Strategic Forces Subcommittee about Communist China's "very disciplined and comprehensive continuum of capability against . . . our space capabilities" (Bill Gertz, Washington Times). The general noted Communist advances in jamming and anti-satellite missiles, but made clear the cadres were unlikely to stop there (emphasis added): "Eventually, they'll probably be looking at co-orbital" weapons -- missiles that orbit near a satellite and then explode. Then, the one that you really worry about is introducing weapons of mass destruction into space on a missile."

Exxon throws $2.5 billion into Communist China: The investment will give Exxon a minority stake in "a joint venture to run 750 petrol stations and a petrochemical refinery" (BBC). However, the controlling stake will be in the hands of Communist-run Sinopec.

Olympic news: As the Communists try desperate to clean up badly polluted Beijing (Washington Post via MSNBC), Mia Farrow joins those linking the Games to Communist China's support for the Sudanese regime (h/t Between Heaven and Earth). Meanwhile, subway construction for the Olympics turns tragic when a tunnel collapses - and the regime-run firm covers it up to avoid blame (BBC).

Beijing surrender news: The American "demand" that Stalinist North Korea shut down its Yongbyon plant may actually be a favor to the Stalinists (Washington Times). Meanwhile, the Bush Administration is sending New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson to SNK in an attempt to coax the Stalinists back to the table (United Press International via Washington Times).

More on the the Communists' Korean colony: Japan installs a missile defense system "to protect the capital in the event of a missile attack" (BBC). The dovishness of South Kore's government is criticized (Daily NK) and exposed as being dishonest to the people who narrowly elected it (UPI via Washington Times). Daily NK reports from the family "reunion" video-conferences.

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