Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kudos to Doug Mataconis!

The Below the Beltway blogger hits the nail on the head regarding the Communist Olympiad (emphasis added):

Apparently, continued Chinese repression in Tibet is no big deal for the International Olympic Committee:

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts (AP) - International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge poured cold water Saturday on calls for a boycott of the Summer Games in Beijing over China’s crackdown in Tibet, saying it would only hurt athletes.

“We believe that the boycott doesn’t solve anything,” Rogge told reporters on this Caribbean island. “On the contrary, it is penalizing innocent athletes and it is stopping the organization from something that definitely is worthwhile organizing.”

Demonstrations against Chinese rule in Tibet on Friday—the most violent riots there in nearly two decades—left at least 30 protesters dead, according to a Tibetan exile group.

China ordered tourists out of Tibet’s capital and troops patrolled the streets on Saturday.

On a six-day tour of the Caribbean, Rogge expressed condolences for the victims and said he hopes calm will be restored immediately. He declined to say whether the committee would change its stance if violence continues or more people are killed.

“The International Olympic Committee has consistently resisted calls for a boycott of the Olympic games,” Rogge said. He declined to comment further on Tibet during a brief news conference.

IOC Vice President Thomas Bach said the committee will speak with China about human rights and condemned the crackdown, saying “every use of violence is a step backwards.

That’s what happens when you award the Olympics to a Communist dictatorship.

I couldn't have said it better myself!

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Anonymous said...

Everybody has the right to protest against something like this. However, please think twice what you are actually protesting and what the consequences are.
If you are protesting because your hatred to a Communism regime. That's alright. However, what are the consequences? The 1.4 billion Chinese people who are already under Communism ruling are punished! Do you want to protect the human rights? Think twice about the human rights of Chinese people. They work very hard and contributed so much to the world economy, they deserves the Olympics 2008.
You may have sympathy of Tibetan, but do you have sympathy on those Chinese people who get hurt during the riot? The Communist army did not break into Tibetan's houses. It was the Tibetan who started the riot and chose violence first! They burn shops, siege schools and government offices. Is it OK for them do such horrible things? Why not allow Chinese Communist Party to burn all the Tibetan temples? If you hate violence, you have to blame both sides!
Also, the protest or boycott from the Westerners are so CHEAP! Westerners are NOT losing any thing to protest so-called human rights. Think twice about the human rights of Native Indians. Why there isn't such violent protest against colonists' ruling in the United States? Because ALL INDIANS WHO CAN HOLD A GUN HAVE BEEN KILLED ALREADY!
If you really want justice and fairness, think about what Colonist did to the entire world!
Also, please read more before commenting on something you don't understand at all. Why Dalai Lama left Tibet. Communist Army didn't want him to leave and he was cooperating with Communism regime to hope to rule poor Tibetan people together with the Chinese authority like in the past. Before the 1950s, Dalai Lama can rule Tibet and surrounding area like a Pope in the middle ages. He is both a religious figure and the largest landlord. He controls so much wealth, but the Tibetan people were leading a life worse than a slave! However, if the Communism party followed its own propaganda. Someone like Dalai Lama cannot have this much power, even he is a 'God'. So, Dalai Lama (mainly his followers because we was just a teenagers at that time) started a riot, just like what happened recently. They didn't succeed, so they left Tibet and the Tibetan people who love them very much. Why did they leave? It is because they lost their absolute power and all privileges, also they left out of their own fear!
Most of the Tibetan who followed Dalai Lama has NEVER gone back to Tibet for 60 years. They didn't know what Tibet looked like before and what Tibet looks like today. Even Dalai Lama admitted the Chinese (under a Communism regime) contributed so much to the local economy. Let me tell you how much privilege a Tibetan can enjoy. They are not obligated to one-child policy, they can get into a good College much much easier than a regular Chinese, they enjoys so much Government fund... Do you really think it is better to let Dalai Lama ruling Tibet like a Pope? Go to Nepal! That country is so similar to Tibet in many ways, but that country didn't have a TV until the late '90s. Also, there was Communism movement in Nepal against the king. Why! It is because the Nepal people want to rule themselves instead by a King or a religious figure like Dalai Lama. If you don't believe me, go to Northern India where Dalai Lama can still rule his followers like a 'God'. Compare their life and the life of people who lives in Tibet, you will know the truth!
Dalai Lama always accuses that Chinese authorities didn't want to negotiate with him on a autonomous Tibet. However, the truth is that he was asking too much! He is asking for an autonomous region much bigger than Tibet. He wants to control any place where there are Tibetan people living. These places were occupied by both Han Chinese and Tibetans for at least a thousand years. On the same time, the Buddhist in China and Tibet have many doubts to allow this Dalai Lama to come back, because he wants all Tibetan Buddhists to admit his absolute religious leadership just like a Pope.
Thank twice, please. My dear friends from the West. While you are standing on the land your ancestors stoled from Native Indians, while you are enjoying your high standard of living based exploitation and killing in the colonies. You are protesting ONLY out of your ignorance of history and arrogance.

Charles said...

Here above is another example that the ChiCom propaganda secret agents lurked in the West are "policing" the websites of the righteous.

Tibet has never been part of China (by its original geographical definition). In Chinese history (not ChiCom's version), Tibet has always been a small "foreign" nation to the west of China, named in Chinese language as "Tu Fan".

ChiComs have lured "Chinese" to call China "Zhong Guo" (meaning the "Central Kingdom") and Chinese "Zhong Guo ren" (people of the Central Kingdom). Arrogance at work, this is Fascism in subtle language tricks, which the West is blinded by ChiCom's continuing use of the English name, "China" without changing it to "Zhong Guo" in alphabetical spelling ("pin yin" by ChiComs way)) even though ChiComs have changed all the English names of places in spelling, for instance, changing "Peking" to "Beijing", "Canton" to "Guang Zhou", etc.