Monday, March 31, 2008

News of the Weekend (March 29-31)

Tibetans "refused to be cowed": The quoted phrase comes from One Free Korea in his description of the return of protests to Tibet just as the Communists were presenting Lhasa as a quite place (Washington Post). The Dalai Lama asked for dialogue (CNN). Meanwhile, the Communists are hoping that Nepal's pliant reaction (BBC) can be repeated in India (BBC), because in the rest of the world, the cadres are taking it on the chin (Macleans, Macleans again in the Enlightened Comment of the Weekend, San Francisco Chronicle via Uyghur American Association, and the Washington Post). Even inside Communist China, the stoked-up nationalism of those kept ignorant by the CCP (Int'l Herald Tribune) is being challenged by leading dissidents (Wall Street Journal via UAA).

Ignorant Comment of the Weekend: The dubious honor goes to British Foreign Secretary David Miliband for his idiotic comments on the Olympics - ". . . if you care about human rights in China, the last thing you want is to have the Olympic games spoilt or broken" (BBC). Jim Hage (Washington Post) comes a close second.

More on the Communist Olympiad: Miliband does not speak for the rest of Europe, as Ulf Gartzke notes (Weekly Standard Blog). A possible partial American boycott is discussed (Boycott 2008). Meanwhile, the Olympic torch reaches Beijing (BBC and the Washington Post).

Pro-Communist rally in Toronto gets nasty: Americans see this all the time - a "peaceful" rally turns hateful and ugly just because the opposing side dared show up to counter-protest. The pro-Communist Chinese in Canada have quickly learned all the wrong lessons from down here (Epoch Times).

More on Canada and Communist China: Geoffry York (Globe and Mail) examines Canadian magnates who are looking for blood money in Tibet. Ivan Morgan (Newfoundland Independent via Boycott 2008) calls for a threat to stay home from the Beijing Games, at the least. Makina at Boycott 2008 excerpts some Globe and Mail stories on how average Canadians "upstaged Beijing." Finally, the family of Huseyin Celil try to determine his whereabouts within the Communist prison system (CBC via UAA).

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: The cadres dig their meathooks deeper in to thr American trucking market (World Net Daily). New Zealand may be about to sign a tread agreement with Communist China (Epoch Times), but that's not helping wins over many Kiwis to the Communist Olympiad (Boycott 2008). Finally, the long arm of lawlessness reaches Australia (Between Heaven and Earth and the Epoch Times) and Malaysia (BH&E and the Epoch Times).

News on "another Chinese province" (Stalinist North Korea): One Free Korea gauges the change in South Korea since Lee Myung Bak took over. OFK also has good news on the refugee front. LiNK establishes a training regimen for Koreans from the north preparing to rebuild after the Stalinists are forced out (OFK). The U.S. calls the Stalinists' recent missile tests "not constructive" (BBC).

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