Friday, March 21, 2008

Why I came back

For those who have kept an eye on this blog ever since I "went dark" back in June, your patience was rewarded, but I suppose some explanation as to why I have chosen to return to the News posts after swearing them off is in order.

First, it was the best way I had to stay up to date. As much as I appreciate the kind words of everyone who thanked me for the information, I was just as much a beneficiary as you were. The late Stephen Ambrose once wrote that the act of writing is the act of learning; I experienced that with every post (including the most recent one).

Secondly, I realized as time went on that posting was not as difficult as I had originally feared. It was the rest of what I usually did (speeches, meetings, etc.) that just took up way too much of my time and my family's time. I especially noticed this as I got more involved with my other blogs.

Finally, the more I thought about it, the more I realized I could still do some good by spreading the word on the Communists and their nefarious, anti-American objectives.

Now, I doubt I'll be posting every day, but I can say that I will be posting "infinitely often" (to coin a phrase I learned in graduate school), with the "News of the . . ." format and all the information I can cram into them.

In other words . . .

I . . . am . . . back.


Charles said...


Delighted to hear the news. Hope the following is a "welcome" note.

Another subject worth attention is that ChiCom is spreading "superbugs" all over the world because of its half-a-century abuse of antibiotics.

The effects of the spread of antibiotic resistant germs from Communist China can be seen by comparing Hong Kong before 1997 and Hong Kong now.

Schools for Hong Kong children are closed for 2 weeks because of "flu" outbreak a few weeks after the peak cross border flow rate of people during Lunar New Year holidays in February. But the irony is that most of the hospitalized flu patients have eventually died of antibiotic resistant bacteria infection.

The latest casualty was a 47 year female registered nurse, who died of "superbugs" after one month long hospitalization initially for "flu". Ignorant folks blame the hospital for "negligence" but the real devil is physical "contacts" with people of Communist China.

The same curse applies to economical "contacts", cultural "contacts", political "contacts" and in fact ALL kind of contacts are infectious.

I remember a pastor has said, "Don't play with the devil. He will win."

Anonymous said...

Dear DJ McGuire,

Following the recent crackdown on Tibet, I've decided to start a blog to tear down [the Chinese and other] dictatorships. I blog in French, but if you feel it's appropriate, can you add me to your blogroll? All my post to date are on Tibet, East Turkestan, Taiwan, and olympics in general.

The name of my blog is "La chute du mur", which means in English "The Fall of the Wall".

Also, I have a friend who's following a course on terrorism in university. He was thinking about doing it on Iran's role supporting terrorism, but I told him that doing it on China would be more original and interesting. I know you wrote a book just about that, but if you have free Internet sources he could use, it would be appreciated.

To contact me, you can leave a comment on any post on my blog.

Much thanks