Thursday, March 29, 2007

News of the Day (March 29)

Communist Chinese military buildup "shakes" Asia: Communist China's military spending "has tripled since 1999 " (Bill Gertz, Washington Times), and the massive, secret buildup "is raising fears among China's neighbors" - particularly Taiwan, which is facing nearly 1,000 Communist missile pointed at it.

A nice primer on Communist espionage comes courtesy of Charles R. Smith (Newsmax).

Putin expels Falun Gong practitioners and wins Communist cooperation on Mars mission: No, I'm not saying the two are directly linked, but I'm guessing Hu Jintao is much happier working with Putinist Russia in space (BBC) if Moscow continues kicking out practitioners here on earth (Epoch Times, h/t Between Heaven and Earth).

On the the Communists' Korean colony: Rationing returns to the Stalinist North (Daily NK) and students in South Korea spread the word about the suffering in northern Korea (Daily NK).

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