Thursday, March 08, 2007

News of the Day (March 8)

Communist China won't talk about its military build-up: On some level, the idea of an enemy openly revealing its military plans is foolish, but since so many are not willing to see Communist China as it really is, American officials react like this (Bill Gertz, Washington Times).

Communists end tax breaks for foreign investors: The cadres will force outsiders to pay over $5 billion in new taxes (BBC).

Communist China responds to U.S. human rights report: The cadres have made an annual event out of this attempt to distract from their own abuses against the Chinese people (London Times).

Canada's foreign aid to Communist China comes under scrutiny: A Senate committee recommends the Canadian International Development Agency (Canada's foreign aid agency) be disbanded. One of the issues mentioned by CIDA critics is the agency's history of aid to Communist China (Epoch Times).

Chinese-Canadian asks for Canada's help for his imprisoned brother: Shenli Lin made his plea on behalf of his brother Mingli, who is languishing in a Communist prison cell (Between Heaven and Earth).

Hollywood parade for Communist Olympics draws protest: The Epoch Times has the story; Makina from Between Heaven and Earth has a personal account.

More strategic myopia: How James G. Zumwalt, in his Washington Times piece on the threat from nuclear terrorism by Iran and Stalinist North Korea, manages to completely ignore Communist China's role as ally and benefactor of both is simply mindboggling.

Beijing surrender talks go in different directions: The Japan-SNK talks went nowhere due to the Stalinists' refusal to address the fate of kidnapped Japanese citizens (BBC), but the U.S. and North Korea held "what many agree was a satisfactory meeting" (Daily NK) - I am not among the "many."

More on the Communists' Korean colony: One Free Korea has respective posts on the food situation in SNK and the prospect for bringing freedom to northern Korea.

The Communist-backed mullahcracy of Iran loses a heavyweight: Former Deputy Defense Minister Alireza Asghari has reportedly defected to the U.S. Asghari "once commanded the Revolutionary Guard" (Washington Post via MSNBC), has "extensive information on Iran's clandestine nuclear weapons program" (Newsmax), and also has the goods on the mullahs' ties to Hezbollah (National Review Online).

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