Friday, September 29, 2006

2006 Endorsements - Part III

Three (and a half) more Senate races today (Part I: four Senate races; Part II - 48 House races).

U.S. Senate - California: Richard Mountjoy (Republican)
As a State Senator, Mountjoy helped lead the effort to keep Communist China out of Long Beach, CA (New American). His opponent, Senator Diane Feinstein, is married to one of the largest investors in Communist China (National Review Online). This is a no-brainer.

U.S. Senate - Minnesota: Mark Kennedy (Republican)
So far, Kennedy is the only Minnesota candidate to discuss Communist China at all, and it was to call on the Communists to free Gao Zhisheng (AP via Pioneer Press). That's enough to make him the candidate of choice.

U.S. Senate - Maryland: Michael Steele (Republican)
This one's a little more counterintuitive, as Steele has said almost nothing about his views on Communist China. However, his opponent - Democratic Congressman Ben Cardin - abandoned the anti-Communist cause in 2000 and voted for PNTR, while still claiming to be concerned about human rights in Communist China (DC Examiner). Such hypocrisy is not welcome here.

U.S. Senate - New Jersey: no endorsement, yet.
This is more a warning to the New Jersey Democratic Party. At present, both major candidates - Democratic Senator Robert Menendez and Republican State Senator Tom Kean, Jr. - have solid anti-Communist credentials. However, the Democrats have a habit of playing "switcheroo" with less-than-slam-dunk candidates. In 2002, anti-Communist Robert Torricelli was replaced by the far-less desirable Frank Lautenberg (eighth item). A similar move will lead to a very quick endorsement of Kean from this quarter.

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