Thursday, September 21, 2006

News of the Day (September 21)

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: The Korea Liberator comments on the election of Shinzo Abe (see also seventh item) and the views of South Korea newspapers; TKL also has the latest Stalinist North Korea news.

More on the Communists' Korean colony: U.S. Army War College Professor Stephen Blank falls for the conventional wisdom on SNK, but not before misnaming it (China Brief).

Ignorant Comment of the Day: John Simpson, BBC, was in the running with a piece that largely ignored the suffering Iranian people, but Michael Hirsh of Newsweek wins the dubious honor for getting history and geopolitics wrong on a global scale.

On Middle Eastern Proxy Number One (Iran): Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - the mouthpiece for the Communist-backed mullahcracy - continues to sound off (United Press Int'l via Washington Times and Washington Post via MSNBC), as his apocalyptic views get a close examination from Joel C. Rosenberg (National Review Online). David Frum (National Review Online) explains why he feels the Bush Administration will cave in to the mullahs. The United Nations Security Council's permanent members "have given Iran its fourth deadline to stop uranium enrichment in four months" (UPI via Washington Times); Newsmax explains why we can expect more deadlines and little action.

U.S. may go into Pakistan to nab Osama, but Bush sticks up for Musharraf: President Bush publicly hinted he would order American troops into Communist Chinese ally and Taliban peacemaker Pakistan if Osama bin Laden were definitely hiding there. However, Pakistani strongman Pervez Musharraf threw cold water on the idea (Voice of America via Epoch Times), even as President Bush praised him (Agence France Presse via Breitbart).

Is Communist China behind the movement to oust Chen Shui-bian? Wang Zhen (Epoch Times) talks to analysts who see the hand of the regime directing the actions against Taiwan's elected President.

On Communist China and Thailand: Dr. Ian Storey, of the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, examines the effect of Thailand's military coup on its relations with Zhongnanhai (China Brief).

On Communist China's military: Communist China test fires the Dong-Feng 31 ICBM (Newsmax); Hu Jintao uses the military to breed a cult of personality around himself (Willy Lam, China Brief).

Communist human rights abuses decried: Amnesty International condemns the pre-Olympic crackdown (BBC). The Committee to Protect Journalists rips the arrest of Zhang Jianhong (tenth item). Jay Nordlinger (NRO, third item) comments on Wikipedia's battle with the cadres (last item).

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