Wednesday, September 20, 2006

News of the Day (September 20)

Communist China not happy with sanctions against its Korean colony: Communist mouthpiece Qin Gang called the situation with Stalinist North Korea "complicated and sensitive" (Cybercast News) and that recent Japanese and Australian sanctions against the Stalinist regime (second item) "further complicate the situation."

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: The Korea Liberator has more on the Stalinist espionage network, and Stalinist-in-chief Kim Jong-il's attempt to file insurance claims.

More on Stalinist North Korea: A South Korean opposition MP exposes and castigates the latest example of dovishness in Seoul - helping SNK avert U.S. sanctions (United Press Int'l via Washington Times). Daily NK details the Stalinists' recent diplomatic history; the online paper also examines the possibility of SNK instability.

Enlightened Comment of the Day: Today's winner is Michael Rubin (Wall Street Journal) for his clear and concise description of the fallacy of negotiating with the Communist-backed mullahcracy of Iran. Sadly, Washington appears to be turning a deaf ear to his wisdom (Washington Post via MSNBC).

Middle Eastern Proxy Number One cementing ties with Proxy Number Two: The ties between Tehran and Damascus include more "military and intelligence cooperation" (Washington Times).

More on the Iranian regime: Mouthpiece Mahmoud Ahmadinejed lambasted the United States during his speech at the United Nations (New York Post, Newsmax, UPI via Washington Times, and Washington Times) and in an interview with NBC (via MSNBC). Meanwhile, the mullahcracy arrested several dozen women protesting a death sentence for Kobra Rahmanpour (Iran Focus).

Anti-Communist wins race for Japanese PM: Shinzo Abe crushed his opponents in the de facto primary for leadership of the Liberal Democratic Party (BBC and Time Asia), all but ensuring he will be the next Prime Minster by next Tuesday (BBC).

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: My Space is coming to Communist China; Rupert Murdoch managed to keep the Communists from renaming it "Our Space" (Financial Times, UK). Meanwhile, a rally in Sydney honors the 13 million Party members who have quit in disgust (Epoch Times).

On human rights abuses in Communist China: China Democracy Party co-founder Zhu Yufu describes how the Communists tortured him in prison (Epoch Times). Melinda Liu (Newsweek) pens her own piece on the pre-Olympic media crackdown.

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