Friday, September 15, 2006

News of the Day (September 15)

U.S. official rips Communist China's arms sales to terrorists, but misses the motive: Assistant Defense Secretary Peter Rodman was highly critical of Communist China's arms sales to Iran and Stalinist North Korea. Maddeningly, however, Rodman saw Communist Chinese weapons in terrorist hands as unintentional: "I wouldn't see (the Communists) as a hostile - you know, as necessarily in a revolutionary posture . . . trying to overturn the international system" (United Press Int'l via Washington Times). Perhaps Rodman missed a few things.

President Bush is silent on liberating Iran from its Communist-backed mullahcracy: The President had nearly every possible message to the Iranian people in his interview with David Ignatius (Washington Post) - except for any mention of helping them take their country back.

Senator Rick Santorum calls for liberation: The Pennsylvania Republican called on the U.S. to "fund, promote and support the pro-democracy movement, both inside and outside Iran" (Newsmax). He was joined by Senator Mel Martinez (R-Florida) and Reza Pahlavi, the son of the last Shah of Iran. Pahlavi called for the "free world to provide unapologetic and robust support for the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people" (Newsmax).

More on the Middle Eastern proxies: An Israeli conference ponders a nuclear Iran (UPI via Washington Times); the National Council of Resistance of Iran finds three nuclear development sites near Tehran (UPI via Washington Times). The U.S. refuses to allow the mullahcracy's Interior Minister into the country (UPI via Washington Times). Charles Krauthammer (Washington Post) compares the effects of a military strike against the mullahs vs. doing nothing - but doesn't examine the liberation option. Meanwhile, Israel is investigating reports that Syria is building a Golan Heights version of Hezbollah (World Net Daily).

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: Between Heaven and Earth announces plans for a rally on Parliament Hill to protest Communist organ harvesting. The Korea Liberator finds South Korean anti-Americanism hitting a new low, Japan joining the financial campaign to cut off Stalinist-in-chief Kim Jong-il (see also Daily NK), and the latest on Yoduk Story coming to America.

U.S. hopes Communist China can bring SNK to nuclear talks: I won't hold my breath (UPI via Washington Times).

More on the Communists' Korean colony: The U.S. and South Korean Presidents meet and say - again - that they want the aforementioned talks to be restarted (BBC, UPI via Washington Times, Washington Post, and Washington Times). Daily NK examines how international aid has fed the Stalinist regime while Koreans who protest the arrangement are sent to jail. A group of South Korean families with relatives in SNK call for more "reunions," but also correctly fingers the Stalinists for using them to blackmail the South into handing over aid (UPI via Washington Times).

Anti-Chen protest to enter second week: A continuing demonstration calling on Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian to resign due to corruption allegations involving a relative included a march through Taipei (BBC).

Dalai Lama visits Canada: The spiritual leader of occupied Tibet came to inaugurate the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education in Vancouver (Epoch Times).

More on Communist China and the United States: The Epoch Times reports on a rally for Gao Zhisheng in New York. In Washington, D.C., exiles hold a conference to discuss the psychological damage imposed by the Chinese Communist Party (Epoch Times). Lev Navrozov sounds the alarm once again about Communist China's geopolitical ambitions (Newsmax).

On matters inside Communist China: The Communist crackdown against the press (fourteenth and ninth items) gets the attention of CBS and Reporters Without Borders (Boxun). The cadres give wives of officials a jail tour to discourage corruption (Time Asia).

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