Monday, April 02, 2007

News of the Weekend (March 31-April 2)

Communist naval military buildup forcing neighbors to do the same: Indonesia, India, Australia, and Singapore are growing more nervous about the Communists' determination to become the lead military power in Asia (Daily Telegraph) and are arming themselves in response.

Bush Administration imposes trade sanctions against Communist China: The new tariffs affect the market in paper products (Washington Post).

Wife of Communist diplomat defects to Canada: Jiyan Zhang sought asylum because of fear of persecution (Between Heaven and Earth, CTV, and Epoch Times).

Conservatives flushing "engagement" supporters out of the bureaucracy: New governments usually need some time weed out the problematic policymakers. Stephen Harper's government is no different. However, as Kevin Steel (Western Standard) is finding, the Harper government is making headway in replacing "engagement" holdovers with new, true-blue anti-Communists.

Kamila Telendibaeva keeps up the fight for her husband, Huseyin Celil: She talked to the Hamilton Spectator on Monday (via Uighur American Association).

On Communist propaganda abroad: Kevin Steel (WS via BH&E) interviews Communist propagandist Charlie Liu; Terri Marsh speaks on the true nature of Communist China's CCTV (Epoch Times).

From Russia with love: As outrage over Russia's repatriation of Falun Gong practitioners to Communist China grows (Epoch Times), Hao Yo (BBC via Epoch Times) examines the future of Moscow-Beijing ties.

Beijing surrender news: Daily NK and the Washington Times examine Stalinist North Korea's financial chicanery that became ensnared in the talks on its nuclear ambitions.

More on the the Communists' Korean colony: How similar are SNK and Nazi Germany? One Free Korea has the answer. A Stalinist group in Tokyo sues the Japanese government (OFK), and a defector talks about life near Camp 22 (OFK). South Korean abductees' relatives demand action from Seoul (Daily NK). Praising an Italian painter leads to a prison camp sentence (Daily NK). The Kaesung experiment continues to cause controversy, and rightly so (Daily NK). Daily NK also has links on the collapse of "socialism," and a heartfelt letter from a defector to his mother.

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: A combination of less then ethical homelands for the trees (Russia and Burma) and the cadres' concern for nothing but riches and power has led to a rapid deforestation on the continent (Washington Post). Ireland's doctors examine Communist China's organ-harvesting outrage (BH&E). Australia's opposition leader visits Beijing (AAP via Epoch Times).

Dissident sent to prison for three years: Chi Jianwei's "crime" was his membership in the Zhejiang Democratic Party (Epoch Times).

AIDS whistleblower finishes U.S. tour: Dr. Gao Yaoje discussed the Communist regime's role in allowing the disease to spread (Epoch Times).

Meet the new Shanghai boss, same as the old boss: Hu Jintao's battle with the "Shanghai faction" (Jiang Zemin's boys) is already well known - the Washington Post has some discussion on that yesterday. However, less attention is paid to the new Shanghai boss. Worldwide Standard finds that he is still a Communist; he has a history of putting down demonstrations with deadly force.

Other matters inside Communist China: The Communists are trying, again, too "cool down" their economy (BBC); illiteracy in Communist China jumps to over 100 million people (BBC).

East Turkestan residents forced into slave labor: An almond farm in Yarkand county is the beneficiary of the Communists' "recruitment drive" (Radio Free Asia via Uighur Human Rights Project).

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