Friday, April 20, 2007

News of the Day (April 20)

Guangxi Communists kill 61 unborn children in forced abortions: Communist China continues to be one of the few entities on earth that can unite pro-choicers and pro-lifers in disgust at its behavior - and the regime is at it again. China Aid (via Epoch Times) is reporting that cadres in Guangxi Province "have seized at least 61 women and forcibly transported them to the Youjiang District People's Hospital of Baise City, where the women have been injected with drugs to kill their unborn children" (emphasis added). This is not the first (and sure not to be the last) incident of forced abortion as part of the Communists' "one child" policy. In 2001, Guangdong Province ordered 20,000 abortions and sterilizations as part of "one child."

More on matters inside Communist China: Bill Powell ponders a possible economic crash in Time. Makina at Boycott 2008 examines the desertification of the northern regions.

Enlightened Comment of the Day: Ed Feulner takes the prize for noting Communist China's massive military spending spree and demanding America ensure it has a military strong enough to counter the cadres (Chicago Sun-Times).

Ignorant Comment of the Day: From the sublime to the ridiculous, we also have Muazzam Gill of the American Leadership Institute, who isn't happy with the idea of an India-U.S. alliance to counter Communist China (United Press International via Washington Times).

Jailed dissident's wife sues Yahoo for helping Communists arrest her husband: Yu Ling is suing on behalf of her husband Wang Xiaoning, whose arrested was facilitated by the internet service on the cadres' request (Boycott 2008 and San Francisco Chronicle). The editors of the Washington Times, while recognizing the evil of the Communist regime, seemed to miss the point.

Canada rips Celil sentence: Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay was unhappy with Celil being jailed for life; the Communists' refusal to let anyone from his ministry talk to Celil isn't making any friends in Ottawa either. As MacKay put it, "We don't intend to let this case go" (BBC).

Communist diplomat in hot water for television interference: New Tang Dynasty Television demanded the expulsion of Huang Huikang, Communist China's number two at its Ottawa Embassy for his attempt "to block New Tang Dynasty Television's entry to Canadian broadcast airwaves" (Between Heaven and Earth and Epoch Times).

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