Thursday, April 19, 2007

News of the Day (April 19)

Huseyin Celil sentenced to life in prison: The Uighur-Canadian who was arrested by Uzbekistan and sent to Communist China will not be executed, but he will spent the rest of his life in jail for a supposed act of violence that occurred when he was hundreds of miles away. To make matters worse, the Communists refuse to acknowledge Celil's Canadian citizenship, and still won't let any Canadian see him (Macleans).

Ignorant Comment of the Day: Bertil Lintner (Asia Times) takes the dubious honor more due to lack of competition than anything else. Still, when one dedicates as much verbage as Lintner does to the Chinese diaspora around the world without mentioning Communist intimidation, the door is opened to an ICOD label.

"The Chinese police took all the money I saved. They beat and kicked me." That how the Communist regime treated a refugee in their midst from Stalinist North Korea (One Free Korea). Sadly, this is the rule, not the exception.

South Korea's doves still pretending the Beijing surrender is A-OK: A pledge by South Korea's government to cancel a fuel contract with the Stalinists should they refuse to shut down their nuclear reactor is, not surprisingly, still in force (Daily NK).

Enlightened Comment of the Day: Michael Goldfarb (Worldwide Standard) uses the strange journey of Russia beer-maker Baltika in SNK to make a humorous but important point - "given that it takes Kim six years to order a beer, one has good reason to be skeptical that the regime will dismantle its nuclear program after just four years of giving us the run around."

More On Communist China's Korean colony: Choi Myung Chul (Daily NK) reveals the depths of poverty and starvation in northern Korea. Charles Scanlon (BBC) completes his account of SNK.

International Olympic Committee is happy with Beijing's preparation for 2008 Games: The IOC chairman called his visit "a particularly emotional experience" (United Press International via Washington Times). So would I, but for entirely different reasons.

Communist China's economic growth passes 11% - or so the cadres claim: The cadres are touting their white-hot economy (UPI via Washington Times); He Qinglian (Huaxia Electronic Journal via Epoch Times) explains the truth behind the less-than-trustworthy numbers.

Cadre rants about mine cover-ups: Li Yizhong, dubbed a "safety official" by the BBC, is upset about mine owners and managers having "covered up the accidents and refused to report them." The fact that most of said "owners" are his fellow Communists was something he chose not to mention.

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