Thursday, April 26, 2007

News of the Day (April 26)

Another day, another land seizure: Today's series of evictions, corrupt cadres, and "business development" comes from Hangzhou (Epoch Times), where the current residents were arrested and told they would never be released unless they agreed to the give up their homes.

More on Communist abuses: The editors of the Washington Post lament the imprisonment of Rebiya Kadeer's son. Amnesty International begins a letter campaign to highlight the plight of Falun Gong prisoners (Epoch Times). The regime stands by its kidnapping of Huseyin Celil (Macleans).

The long arm of lawlessness reaches Germany: An angry Communist consulate is demanding yet another democratic nation bend its own laws to suppress an anti-Communist demonstration (Epoch Times).

Here comes Communist Chinese cars - via Chrysler: The Communist-owned Chery auto firm "signed a deal to build small cars under a Chrysler nameplate to be marketed in the United States and Europe" (MSNBC).

Is George Will getting it? The syndicated columnist takes a long, hard look at the "engagement" crowd, and finds it wanting (Washington Post).

Taiwan politics news: The island democracy's Prime Minister "has unveiled a website giving information about what the government says are assets stolen by the opposition Kuomintang " (BBC). Kuomintang was able to build a portfolio of over $1 billion thanks to its fifty-year-plus reign on the island, which ended with the election of Democratic Progressive Chen Shui-bian in 2000 (note: PM Su Tseng-chang is also a Democratic Progressive and one of the party's candidates to succeed Chen in 2008).

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