Monday, May 07, 2007

News of the Weekend (May 5-7)

New Communist poisoning scandal - toxic cough syrup kills thousands: Communist China has been discovered as the major source of anti-freeze tainted cough syrup that has killed "thousands of people in at least seven countries" (Boycott 2008). One of the more recent mass poisonings was in Panama, an outrage to which the Communist response was the following: "We rarely get involved in products that are sold for export" (Steve Janke). This led Kate MacMillan at Small Dead Animals to repeat her call to end all "food and ingredient imports" from Communist China (Janke did the same in his post).

Two Communist firms exported contaminated foodstuffs to United States: The Washington Post only named on of the firms - Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development.

Communist Youth paper blames Virginia Tech massacre on American culture: A columnist for the China Youth Daily - a paper run by the Communist Youth League - blamed with he called America's "violent social culture" for the Virginia Tech massacre of last month (Washington Times). Said columnist also accused Americans of anti-Asian racism. Communist Foreign Ministry mouthpiece Liu Jianchao then provided some accidental comedy to it all by insisting the author did this all on his own: "I do not see there is any mechanism or system that the government controls the press." Riiiiight.

Enlightened Comment of the Day: Ezra Levant (Calgary Sun) tears into the World Health Organization for putting friendly relations with Communist China ahead of concerns for the health of the Taiwanese people.

Singapore's Prime Minister calls for more "engagement" with Communist China: To be fair, Lee Hsien Loong managed to avoid the exact term, but his point was fairly, if maddeningly, clear (BBC).

The Long Arm of Lawlessness continues to meddle in Canada: Lin Caifeng and Wu Wenlin (Epoch Times) have the details on how Communist China's consulate in Calgary is using misinformation and threats in an attempt to intimidate local Chinese-Canadians. Meanwhile, Makina at Between Heaven and Earth finds a more subtle effort, and sounds the alarm.

Stalinist North Korea "is becoming another China province": That is the new concern of a growing number of folks in southern, democratic Korea, as noted by the Chosun Ilbo (cited by United Press Internationla via Washington Times).

Beijing surrender news: The United States is still clinging to the hope that the Stalinist regime will make good on its latest (already broken) promise to shut down the Yongbyon reactor once it gets the $25 million that was never supposed to be part of the deal in the first place (Washington Times). One Free Korea scores the best headline on the whole fiasco: "North Korea Demands That U.S. Launder Its Counterfeiting Money." Daily NK isn't all that impressed with the Bush Administration either (nor should they be).

More news from "another China province": Kang Jae Hyok (Daily NK) reveals how the Stalinist military treats the young, while the Daily NK editors write a poignant yet hopeful message to the children of northern Korea: "Please do not be discouraged by your lives. A new day will nonetheless arrive one day."

Petitioner in Shayang, Hubei has eleven policemen watching him: Cadres in Shayang are so determined to keep Ma Wenjun from pleading his case to Beijing that they have assigned nearly a dozen "patrol members" to watch his every move (Epoch Times).

Former "rightist" restored by the CCP now quits: Professor Wan Yaoqiu was persecuted by Mao Zedong and brought back from the wilderness by Deng Xiaoping. Yet even he refuses to follow the lies of the Chinese Communist Party, and has made a very public break with the regime (Epoch Times).

Cadre rails against "population rebound": Zhang Weiqing is upset that "rich couples can afford to pay fines to have more than one child, while rural couples are marrying earlier" (BBC), and since Zhang is with the National Population and Family Planning Commission, we can expect more forced abortions, like this.

More on human rights abuses in Communist China: Defector Yuan Hongbing (Epoch Times) and blogger Makian (BH&E) examine the effect of the upcoming Olympics on Communist behavior.

Yangtze Rivee, which is supposed to relieve parched northern China, is dying: The desperate attempts by the Communists to erase the damage from their rampant over-development continue to make matters worse (Taiwan's Central News Agency via Epoch Times).

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