Tuesday, July 08, 2008

T-Minus One Month

In thirty-one days, the Communist Olympic propaganda bonanza will begin, and already the regime is reaping dividends. Columns like this from the Washington Times - by mentioning everything about the Olympics except where it will be held - are all but certain to dazzle the eyes of billions and let the cadres show off their ersatz paradise (for those interested in reality, see the BBC, the Epoch Times, and Boycott 2008).

It didn't have to be this way. The Communists knew that themselves; they've left nothing to chance, not even the possibility of bad publicity from exiles in America (Epoch Times). This regime craves respectability so much that they're prepared to do anything to get it - which is deeply ironic in two ways.

First, they didn't need the Olympics for that. Whit the job the Communists have done manipulating that situation in their Korean colony (BBC, CNN, and the Washington Post), they have already hoodwinked much of the world's leaders into accepting their "peaceful rise" nonsense. If anything, the "engagement" crowd has more at stake with these Olympics than the Communists themselves (who by now must be at least dimly aware that the memories of these Games will vanish quickly when angry factions through corruption charges - most of which will be true - at each other).

The deeper irony, however, is this: with these Olympic Games, the xenophobic regime is telling the Chinese people that its rule has been ratified by foreigners. Sure, they've dressed it all up as a terrific event for China, but they have refused to answer the simple question: why?

Why does a two-week sporting event that will be forgotten within a decade (at most) matter so much? Why are the opinions of foreign guests more important than those of the Chinese people? Why is the regime that supposedly stands up for China demanding China stand down and accept a regime endorsed by outsiders?

Of course, no one can even begin to come close to these questions without getting whisked away to a jail cell, but in time, the questions will arise nonetheless - and I can't see sufficient answers coming from the Communists. Once that reality sinks in, anything can happen. The one thing the Communists cannot afford is the undermining of their radical nationalist mantra. It is literally the last political refuge for these scoundrels. Without it, they have nothing but naked force, and the last century already has two examples of naked force falling flat in China.

As for the Games themselves, I have decided I will not be watching them. The far better, more entertaining, and more important contest will come after the closing ceremony.

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