Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What awaits in January

In about four and a half months, the American people will choose a new President. In just under six months, that new President will take office. What he will face across the Pacific could have greater impact on his legacy than even the current war.

That Communist China persecutes its own people (Epoch Times) is nothing new. More unprecedented could be the regime precarious economic situation (Epoch Times). Add to it what is sure to be a serious post-Olympic hangover and you have all the makings of a desperate regime looking to distract their own people with a military conflict (with Taiwan still the leading candidate).

Even worse, whoever inherits the reins of power will succeed an exhausted Administration no longer looking out for its friends (Washington Times) nor keeping a watchful eye on its enemies (One Free Korea), even as Communist China continues to build ties with its largest arms supplier (Russia - BBC).

It may seem that all of this is secondary, given the war against Wahhabists, Ba'athists, and Khomeinists. Don't' be so sure of that. Communist China has a long record of aiding and abetting terrorists, a record that continues to this very day (Washington Times). The question is this: will the next president be prepared to defend the free world against Beijing? Will he realize that American can never be secure until China is free?

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