Friday, July 18, 2008

The Communists vs. the truth

Three weeks from the opening ceremonies, the battle between the cadres and the truth intensifies.

Inside Communist China and the occupied nations, the regime seems to be winning (Times of London, Washington Post, and Washington Times), helped in no small part by obsequious outsiders willing to do their bidding (Epoch Times).

Things are going better for the truth on the outside, as Communist malfeasance in Zimbabwe (Heritage Foundation), India (UPI Asia), and even the United States (Epoch Times) is getting more attention and scrutiny. Meanwhile, attempts to recruit Japan into the repression crowd have gone nowhere (Between Heaven and Earth); Americans are growing more concerned about the cyberspy threat from the Games (Wall Street Journal); and another boycott call was aired, this time from Israel (Ynet News).

It was not all perfect: an American judge appears to be more interested in the exposure of Communist Chinese espionage than the espionage itself (Washington Post), and we must remain leery about the Beijing-Taipei "thaw" (BBC). However, the Communists' hope for a reality-free Olympics is already dashed.

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