Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A well-timed "anomaly"

The Olympics are less than a month away. For all the trouble the cadres are facing over it, they feel like they have things under control internally, while Taiwan is in friendly hands (CNN). The outside world continues to complain (BBC, Boycott 2008 and the Epoch Times), but for the most part, none of that will make it into the hinterlands - home of the one thing the Communists fear: the Chinese people who haven't been bought off by regime-sponsored wealth.

The only thing that had a shot of getting the anti-Communist message there was New Tang Dynasty Television. Suddenly the firm signed to transmit NTDTV's signal - Eutelsat - suffers an "anomaly" that makes sending the signal impossible (the Epoch Times).

What's wrong, cadres? Did you decide a malfunctioning laser test wiping out the satellite was too bold? Or would that have eroded confidence in the space program (BBC)?

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