Thursday, August 21, 2008

The fakery chronicles continue

The Communist Olympiad continued to veer out of the cadres control and into a major embarrassment. The diligent journalists at the Epoch Times found more evidence - straight from CCP documents - that two members of the host's women's gymnastics team are underage. Meanwhile, one of the walls built to shield the real Beijing from visitors was dressed up as a building facade, replete with a phony sky (Epoch Times). Finally, the Washington Post reveals a regime so terrified of migrants workers' "farmhand manners" that it halted all construction last month and expelled nearly a million migrant workers, leaving some projects comically unfinished.

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

The cadres were planning for a two-week extravaganza blow-out that would be the talk of the planet and a major source of pride for the Chinese people (Epoch Times). Instead, the litany of fakery left the regime no defense against the usual criticisms about human rights (Boycott 2008, Epoch Times, and Front Page Magazine), including media censorship (Washington Times). Even the prisoners in Communist labor camps managed to outsmart the cadres and get their message out (Epoch Times).

It has come to the point where even the International Olympic Committee is taking it on the chin (Washington Times).

These Olympics appear to be the exact opposite of what the cadres wanted (and what nearly everyone expected). It will be more remembered outside Communist China, as a symbol of how the regime is not worthy of praise and respect, long after the Chinese people have forgotten it, leaving the cadres no defense against the inevitable corruption scandals.

About the only person happy with this ongoing disaster may be the Korean viceroy, whose own horrific exploits continue to be ignored by all but yours truly and One Free Korea.

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