Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More fakery from Communist China

The reports of Communist China faking parts of the Olympic ceremony continue (BBC):
A pretty girl who won national fame after singing at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was only miming. Wearing a red dress and pigtails, Lin Miaoke charmed a worldwide audience with a rendition of "Ode to the Motherland". But the singer was Yang Peiyi, who was not allowed to appear because she is not as "flawless" as nine-year-old Lin.

What better symbol of the CCP's smoke-and-mirrors show is there (if you prefer humor, check out this joke courtesy of the Epoch Times)? Communist China's modus operandi for nearly six decades has been to hide what isn't "flawless" - be it imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners (Epoch Times), organ harvesting (Canadian Free Press), the Tiananmen Square massacre (Washington Post), the Communists' brutal history (Washington Post), and their brutal present actions at home and abroad (Boycott 2008 and Epoch Times).

Of course, the cadres makes sure anyone who tries to get to the truth is closely watched (Alert Net and Epoch Times - one can only imagine what that extra security could have meant this past weekend). Meanwhile, it's pretty clear that the fakery is working (Washington Times). Yet the truth still seeps out (BBC on Tibet and Washington Post on North Korea). Perhaps the cadres need more lip-synching.

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