Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Myth of "Reform"

How one views the myriad of issues surrounding Communist China centers around one word: "reform" - or to be more specific, "the notion that with advancing prosperity, the world's largest country will move toward political liberalization and democracy" (James Mann, Wall Street Journal via Boycott 2008). If you believe in "reform," then the Olympics is a wonderful chance for Communist China and the rest of the world to meet and learn from each other, and it is far more important than any bumps along the road (for an idea of what I mean, see President Bush's comments on Communist China to the Washington Post).

For those who reject this nonsense, the bumps are the road, and no one articulates that better than the aforementioned James Mann. Mann thoroughly disintegrates the "China Fantasy" (his term, and a good one at that), and reveals how Communist China's economic advancement has made the regime more repressive and less responsive to the rest of the world.

We are already seeing that in the run-up to the Olympics (Between Heaven and Earth, Epoch Times, more Epoch Times, National Review Online, and the Washington Times). Moreover, without the "China Fantasy" clouding one's visions, the rest of Communist China's real policies, interests, and ambitions come into view - whether its intimidation of exiled dissidents (Epoch Times), maneuvering to shut down dissident satellite transmissions (Epoch Times), or outdoing American policymakers on North Korea (One Free Korea). The only thing that might hold water once the rose-colored glasses fall from the face are the recent reports of attacks in occupied East Turkestan (BBC, CNN, and the Washington Times), and even that must be put up against the Communists' history of fudging the truth in that occupied nation.

In the end, the Olympics will become yet another prism through which every American's views on Communist China will pass. The deluded will enjoy the Games as a spectacle of sport; the realists will be disgusted by the propaganda.


Charles said...

If only Bush would beware that the "Chinese Communist" Party not only has the name in Chinese (华 6 strokes 共 6 strokes 产 6 strokes) that bears the number of 666 but also fits into every description of the beast as per Revelation 13:11-18, he would realize that ANYONE who "engages" the communist regime must receive automatically the beast sign on his forehead (thoughts) or on his hand (deeds).

While I don't know who's going to heaven, I am assured by the Script (Revelation 14:9-12) that ALL THOSE, Christian or not, that have the sign

"will be tormented with burning sulfur" in the presence of Jesus Christ,

and "the smoke of their torment rises for ever and ever"

and "there is no rest day or night" for them.

Please visit
and tell Americans.

Anonymous said...


I am once again disappointed at the enthusiasm of humans to disregard thier frontal lobes and use some bronze age clap trap as some kind of rationale (huh?) about the communist party.

Why on earth anyone of remotely sound mind would use such a bizarre thought process as a reason not to engage the CCP is distressingly telling of the woeful ignorance that so poisons this world (believe me, the current nationalistic Chinese are so close to being a religion its scary...) - there are a phenomenal number of solid, sound arguments against the CCP. If you believe in this stuff - then for crying out loud you should keep it to yourself.

Using this kind of tripe is worse than scraping the bottom of the barrel for an argument - the way to defeat this problem with the Chinese is with clear thinking and reason, not with this bronze age hokum!

Charles said...


Sorry that you think my previous response was some bronze age hokum.

I hope that you will use clear thinking and reason to defeat the Chinese Communists based on solid, sound arguments.

God bless.