Friday, August 22, 2008

Terror lawsuit gives a glimpse into life after the Olympics

The Communist Olympiad continues to list badly on its way to sinking in two days. The cadres, who were hoping to bask in the glow of being a beloved and respected host, are instead besieged by a fresh investigation into their gymnasts (BBC, CNN, Spectator Coffee House, and the Times of London), controversy over the shutdown of I-Tunes (Times of London and the Weekly Standard Blog), outrage harsh measures to prevent any protests (Boycott 2008 and Epoch Times, and Washington Post), harassment of foreign media (National Review Online - Media Blog) and those who talk to them (Epoch Times). The cadres have been so tarnished that even when they get the empty praise they so badly wanted, the reaction to it is derision rather than agreement (NRO - Media Blog).

Meanwhile, the issues that the Olympics were supposed to submerge - ironically enough, these Games did that and more, but not for the reasons the cadres wanted - are returning to the horizon for all to see: religious persecution (Between Heaven and Earth and Boycott 2008), the plight of occupied Tibet (Epoch Times), the damaging effects of the hideous "one child" policy (Weekly Standard Blog), an economy in trouble (Epoch Times), the antics of the Korean colony (One Free Korea), and - here's the big one - a lawsuit by Israeli victims of a terrorist attack against a regime-owned bank that aided said terrorists (Epoch Times).

The details of the lawsuit reveal a multi-level scheme designed for the Communists to help the terrorists without appearing to do so:

According to the charges, the Bank of China transferred regularly, over a period of time, amounts of about US$100,000 to the private bank account of a senior Hamas official located China. The latter used the money to buy merchandise which he shipped to Gaza. In Gaza, this merchandise was resold by senior Hamas officials and the profit was used to fund terrorist activities.

According to the plaintiffs and their attorney Nitzana, the Israeli government notified the Bank of China of the use Hamas was making of the money and demanded the bank of China to stop the transfers. Darshan-Leitner claims to have evidence proving this.

In other words, Communist China is hosting a leading member of Hamas and handing him money for use in a fundraising scheme (keep in mind, Bank of China is one of the "Big Four" regime-owned banks). This suddenly brings to the fore an issue near and dear to yours truly for over half-a-dozen years.

While I would like to say it couldn't have come at a worse time, yesterday was a better day for the cadres for this to be filed then, say, next week. Still, the mere fact that this suit was filed could be a devastating blow, especially if it becomes well known that a Communist-owned bank was underwriting Middle Eastern terrorists so closely.

Had the Olympics been even remotely successful - from the Communist point of view - the regime may have had some reservoir of good will to deflect this for a while. With the Games what they are, the cadres have no margin for error. If this lawsuit gets traction, they could be facing a steady erosion of "engagement" support.

America and her allies will never be secure until China is free. These Games will not distract anyone from this fact; the aforementioned lawsuit could make it plain to every American.

The eighth month of the eighth year of this millennium could indeed be a very lucky one for the Chinese people - because it's been a disaster so far for the Communists.

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