Friday, July 21, 2006

Quit the CCP Rally Speech

Yours truly gave the following address to the rally at Lafayette Square, Washington, DC, in support of the (nearly) 12 million who have quit the Chinese Communist Party.

The next news of the Day will be on Monday, July 24.

Today, here in the de facto headquarters of the free world, there is much to consider: the battle between Hezbollah and Israel, the crisis over Stalinist North Korea's nuclear and missile ambitions, similar concern over the same ambitions in Iran, and the ongoing battles of Afghanistan and Iraq. Those who focus too exclusively on one or even several of these crises may consider this gathering to be less important. They are wrong, and they are wrong because today, as we stand up against the Chinese Communist Party, we take a stand against not only an evil and brutal regime, but against the one entity that has been the benefactor of every enemy of freedom in the aforementioned crises. The Chinese Communist Party is not merely a danger to the Chinese people; it is the greatest threat to the democratic world, for without it, the other threats would be far weaker, and quite possibly even nonexistent.

As we speak, in northern Lebanon, the Hezbollah terrorist group is firing missiles into Israel, missiles given to them by the Khomeinist mullahcracy of Iran - missiles produced for Iran by none other than the Chinese Communist Party. Iran’s partner in this crime - the Ba'athist regime in Syria - is also a Communist ally. In fact, it was in Syria that Hu Jintao himself smeared Israel as a "colonialist plot aimed at detaching from the Arab nation a part that is dear to it – Palestine."

The CCP has also been there for the Iranian dictatorship in its quest for military hardware, missile technology, and nuclear weapons development. In fact, we now know the very uranium Iran recently enriched this past spring was sold to it by the CCP in the 1990s. The Communists have made no secret of their alliance with Tehran and Damascus, despite the continuing support the regimes have given to terrorists who kill Americans in Iraq and Israelis in Israel.

The nuke-craving regime of Stalinist North Korea is also a Communist satellite regime. According to renowned Sinologist Willy Lam, the crisis over the North Korean missile launch "confirmed that Beijing is more interested in cementing its 'lips-and-teeth' alliance with Pyongyang than in contributing to the worldwide campaign against the development of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) by rogue regimes." I would also note that Kim Jong-il launched his missiles less than 24 hours after the Honorable David Kilgour gave Canadian television a preview of his July 6th report - quite a coincidence.

Even the Taliban and al Qaeda have found a friendly reception in Beijing. We now know that Communist China laundered money for Osama bin Laden through its front companies in stock markets around the world. As for the Taliban, it signed an economic agreement with the Communists on the very morning of September 11, 2001 - mere hours before the Pentagon was attacked and the World Trace Center fell.

Why has Communist China sought alliances with the most vile and virulent terrorists on the face of the earth? Because they share two critical characteristics: hatred of America, and fear of democracy. The CCP is well aware what the Chinese people really think of it. It knows that it has lost nearly twelve million members to the truth. It knows that the democratic world shines as an example of what China could be without tyranny. This is an example with which the CCP cannot compare, thus the CCP must eliminate it.

This is what is behind the Communists policy of making the world safe for dictators such as Ali Khameini, Bashar Assad, Kim Jong-il, Fidel Castro, Robert Mugabe, Hugo Chavez, and Omar Bashir. This is why the Communists are fighting a Cold War against America, and siding with her enemies in the War on Terror. The Communists know they cannot co-exist with the free world. It is them, or it is us.

Is this a dangerous world? Yes it is, but it is not without hope. For this reality also means that the American and Chinese people are locked in a death struggle, but not against each other. They are joined in this battle, fighting together against the Chinese Communist Party. Together, the world’s youngest and strongest power, combined with its oldest and richest civilization can indeed defeat the Communist menace that threatens them both. America will never be secure until China is free, but this also means China’s fight against the CCP is America’s fight as well.

The American people see the Communist threat already; in time, they will realize that threat has merged with the threat from terrorism, and act accordingly. Before and when that day comes, I will do whatever I can to help the Chinese people take their country back. God Bless You and God Bless the American and Chinese peoples.


Shaun Kenney said...

I gotta make you my speechwriter!

Anonymous said...

Well said, DJ! It seems the wicked CCP have no compunction at all about dealing with--and supplying weapons to--some of the most despotic rulers and diehard terrorists on the planet. They're corrupt to the very core.

But the beauty of it is that the Chinese people are starting to see the light and are quitting the Party in droves. And the peasants are so fed up of endlessly getting a raw deal that many of them are at the point whare they're just not going to take it any more.

Yes, the Party is nearly over. The CCP will come crashing down one of these days, and with that, the Chinese people will be out from under the yoke of the red terror finally and forever.

Anonymous said...


It's so good that I have it translated into Chinese. Let me know if you want it.