Thursday, July 27, 2006

News of the Day (July 27)

Due to a prior commitment, the next News of the Day will be posted on Monday, July 31.

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: The Korea Liberator has a LiNK update, more Stalinist North Korea news, the latest dovishness from South Korea's government, and the people's continuing rejection of it (see also United Press Int'l via Washington Times).

More on the Communists' Korean colony: The ASEAN conference begins, without any talks on SNK's nuclear ambitions (BBC). The Stalinist regime threatens to "bolster its war deterrent" (UPI via Washington Times). Genevieve Long, Epoch Times, examines the "recent game of chess" between SNK and Japan. Stalinist-in-chief Kim Jong-il hasn't been seen for three weeks; Han Young Jin (Daily NK) speculates as to why. Kim Young Jin (Daily NK) examines a leprosy outbreak in Yonggang. The Stalinists back South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon's campaign for United Nations Secretary General (Cybercast News). SNK "may have helped Iran to test-launch a sea-going Scud missile" (China Confidential via Epoch Times).

More on the Communist-backed mullahcracy: Yohanan Ben Jacob (Epoch Times) examines Iran's role in the Israel-Hezbollah battle, as does Thomas Lipscomb (Washington Times). Trinity University Professor David W. Lesch calls for "diplomacy" with Iranian ally Syria in the Ignorant Comment of the Day (Washington Post). David Dolan (World Net Daily) details the history of Khomeinism. Author Jerome Corsi says Hezbollah agents "came across the border with Mexico" (Newsmax).

Albania grants asylum to five Uighurs from Guantanamo: The small European democracy defied Communist China and officially granted asylum to the five Uighurs the U.S. sent there from detention in Guantanamo Bay after the Pentagon determined they weren't terrorists (Washington Times).

U.S. House approves nuclear deal with India: The House of Representatives voted 369-58 to approve the U.S.-India nuclear deal (second item). Report: Times of India

On the July 21 rally: The Epoch Times was on the scene (and reprinted yours truly's speech).

Communist doctor is leading candidate to head WHO: Dr. Margaret Chan, currently the Director for Communicable Disease Surveillance and Response for the World Heath Organization, was Hong Kong's health czar before and during most of Tung Chee-hwa's reign over the city. She is considered to "have the inside track" for the top WHO post of director-general (Time Asia). Taiwan has repeated tried to join the WHO, and Communist China has repeatedly stymied the efforts of the island democracy.

More on Taiwan: A forum on Taiwan's economic future opened today. The most discussed topic is expected to be - no prizes for guessing - "economic links with China" (BBC).

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: Falun Gong practitioners criticize Australia for downplaying reports of organ harvesting (AAP via Epoch Times). Japanese finance minister Sadakazu Tanigaki announces his candidacy for Prime Minister, promising to "improve ties with China" (BBC). The favorite to replace outgoing Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi is still the anti-Communist Shinzo Abe.

"He beat himself to death." Well, the Communists didn't quite follow the old parody excuse, but they came close on the case of Fu Xiancai (ninth, eighth, third, and fourth items): "Chinese investigators say activist Fu Xiancai, who was paralyzed after a severe beating, inflicted the blows himself" (BBC).

Did Xiao Guopeng beat himself to death? Given the above story, the cadres may reach for the parody regarding the death of the Anshun reporter (eighth item). For now, the Committee to Protect Journalists ripped the killing (Boxun).

From Gao Zhisheng: The human rights attorney (sixth, tenth, fifth, lead, third, last, twelfth, eighth, third, second, third, eighth, eleventh, eighth, fourth, fourth, last, fourth, fifth, twelfth, fifth, second, lead, next to last, seventh, last, next to last, lead, second, last, sixth, tenth, eighth, second, eighth, ninth, lead, sixth, eighth, seventh, fifth, fourth, last, fifth, seventh, next to last, fourth, last, twenty-first, twenty-second, seventh, fourth, sixth, fourth, sixth, eleventh, eleventh, fourth, last, sixth, eighth, tenth, thirteenth, eleventh, eighth, tenth, last, next-to-last, and next-to-last items) details the cadres' violent intimidation campaign against him (Epoch Times).

Century China website shutdown: Reporters Without Borders condemned the latest example of Communist internet censorship (Boxun).

More on matters inside Communist China: The editors of the Epoch Times examine the futility of Communist anti-corruption efforts. Communist China's largest inland sea, the Bohai Sea, is dying due to pollution (Epoch Times). Communist premier Wen Jiabao is concerned about his regime's economy "overheating" (BBC). Given the massive industrial expansion in surplus and useless goods (fifteenth, twenty-ninth, thirtieth, tenth, sixth, last, last, seventh, and last items), he may be merely masking his real worry - the popping on the investment bubble.

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