Monday, July 17, 2006

News of the Day (July 17)

From the China Support Network: The parent org looks to the week ahead.

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: Between Heaven and Earth launches a petition to bring the Kilgour-Matas report to the attention of the World Transplant Congress. The Korea Liberator notes Iran's role in supporting Hezbollah - with CCP-made missiles. TKL also has, as one would expect, quite a bit on the Stalinist Projectile Dysfunction (second and third items), including Japanese plans for sanctions (see also BBC), the United Nations' half-hearted response (see also BBC, Cybercast News, Daily NK, Washington Times, and Dana Milbank in the Washington Post for the most perceptive view), South Korea's reaction (see also Angry in the Great White North, and an idea from Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist; plus the latest news.

Is Communist China harvesting organs from Koreans? That's the latest charge from the unnamed military doctor (third, third, eighth, and eleventh items) in his latest report to the Epoch Times. More on the organ harvesting issue can be found in the Toronto Sun, Epoch Times, and Clearwisdom.

More on the Communists' Korean colony: The Stalinists' Projectile Dysfunction was "an intelligence windfall for the Communist regime in Beijing" according to Edward Timperlake (Human Events). Simon Elegant (Time Asia) succumbs to the conventional wisdom on the missile launch. John Carey calls for "nuanced diplomacy" in the Washington Times. Gary Schmitt and Dan Blumenthal, of the American Enterprise Institute, say such a thing betrays our Japanese allies (Weekly Standard). Meanwhile, the food situation in Stalinist North Korea is so bad it has led to malnourished mothers - and "imbecile infants" (Daily NK).

More calls for the liberations of Syria and Iran come from Ezra Levant (Calgary Sun) and William Kristol (Weekly Standard). Michael Oren of The Shalem Center won't quite go that far, but does call for toughness against the Ba'athists in The New Republic. Meanwhile, the role of the Communist-backed mullahcracy is explored by Christopher Dickey, Kevin Peraino, and Babak Dehghanpisheh (Newsweek), and President Bush (Newsmax).

The Department of Pundits Who Don't Get It: These don't quite reach the ignominy of Ignorant Comment of the Day, for there is much in both Oliver North's Washington Times commentary and Sebastian Mallaby's Washington Post column that is good. However, both seem to believe Communist China can be convinced to side with us against the terrorists, ignoring recent history.

Is Communist China fueling America's Meth binge? This Langley Times report opens the possibility.

More on Communist China and the United States: The editors of the Washington Times call for Congress to pass the U.S.-India deal (which this quarter also supports). Andre Pachter (China Confidential via Epoch Times) examines the possibility of a Made-in-China boycott in the U.S.

Chen Guangcheng sues Linyi: The blind anti-"one child" activist (tenth, second, ninth, ninth, thirteenth, lead, tenth, fifth, tenth, sixth, ninth, and eighth items) has decided to sue the locality that is imprisoning him (Radio Free Asia via Epoch Times).

More on human rights in Communist China: Ceci Neville (Epoch Times) talks to Jennifer Zheng, the author of Witnessing History, an autobiographical account of her persecution by the Communists for her belief in Falun Gong. Zhang Jiankang, also in the Epoch Times, discusses the hurdles facing attorneys in Communist China. Jay Nordlinger, National Review Online (ninth item), brings attention to Ching Cheong (sixth, eighth, and fourth items) and Yang Jianli (third and tenth items).

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