Thursday, September 28, 2006

News of the Day (September 28)

The Korea Liberator testifies before Congress. Well, one of them d0es.

More from the China Freedom Blog Alliance: TKL comments on the damage done to the Chinese people by the hideous "one child" policy (see also tenth, second, ninth, ninth, thirteenth, lead, tenth, fifth, tenth, sixth, ninth, eighth, ninth, eighth, ninth, sixteenth, ninth, and twelfth items), Ban Ki-Moon, Stalinist North Korea's imprisonment of disappointing athletes, Richard Armitage's latest attempt to get headlines (see also Newsmax), and the latest SNK news.

More on the Korean colony: The Stalinists shift UN mouthpieces (United Press Int'l via Washington Times and Yonhap via Daily NK). Hwang Jang Yop pans the six-party debacle (Daily NK). North Korea human rights groups go to the United Nations Security Council (Daily NK).

Iraqi President tells Iran and Syria to get out of his country: Jalal Talabani event went so far as to threaten to "support the opposition of other countries and try to make troubles for them as they have for us" (New York Sun).

More on the Middle Eastern proxies: The Communist-backed mullahcracy wins a sanctions reprieve of "a few weeks" from the Bush Administration (Washington Times); Marcello di Cintio visited Iran, and actually found this prevalent viewpoint: "Those idiots in Tehran with the funny turbans have got to go" (Toronto Sun, emphasis added). Meanwhile, Israel's Prime Minister "launched a scathing attack on Syria" (UPI via Washington Times), and Small Dead Animals finds that the UN's promise to disarm Hezbollah was nothing more than hot air.

Outside world focuses on Communist abuses: The House International Relations Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations will hear from David Kilgour on Communist organ harvesting (which the BBC finds is still going on despite Communist denials). Meanwhile, the Human Rights Law Foundation calls on Communist China to free Gao Zhisheng (Epoch Times).

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: The attorney representing Falun Gong practitioners in Singapore (last, third, tenth, eighth, and fifth items) is forcibly sent to a mental institution (Epoch Times). Canada's Globe and Mail appears divided on Communist China (Daimnation).

Shanghai probe widens: Hu Jintao's battle against Jiang Zemin's faction within the CCP - ahem, corruption within the CCP - continues (BBC).

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