Thursday, February 08, 2007

News of the Day (February 8)

Cadre claims Stalinist North Korea's nuclear program is America's fault: Teng Jianqun, the Communist "arms control expert" who hinted Communist China would intervene on its Korean colony's behalf in a war with the United States, now blames America for making the nuclear issue "complicated by politics, economy, military and ideology and other considerations" (Washington Times).

Six-party nuclear talks begin again in Beijing: The talks "ended with a hint of progress" (BBC), which should any good anti-Communist nervous. Hwang Jang Yop reveals the folly in accepting an SNK nuclear "freeze" (Daily NK); Park Hyun Min is also rightly worried about a deal (Daily NK).

More on Stalinist North Korea: One Free Korea has posts on the host of Camp 16 and the reactions of some American leftists to the Stalinist regime. Penny Spiller (BBC) ponders the role of food aid in a possible nuclear deal.

Huseyincan Celil tortured in Communist prison, forced to sign confession: The Canadian Uighur (eighth, sixth, and lead items), who has been imprisoned in Communist China for almost a year, "was told if he didn't sign, he would be 'buried alive and disappear without any clues'" (Epoch Times). According to Celil's family, he told them he was "forced to sign on a document that I never understood and did not know exactly what it was." The Communists claimed that Celil, a leading activists for the Communist-persecuted Uighurs while in Canada, committed a terrorist act in occupied East Turkestan in 2000 - despite the fact that he was in Turkey at the time.

The long arm of lawlessness stretches to Australia and New York: Chinese-Australians protest the CCP's influence on Sydney's Chinese New Year Parade (Epoch Times); phone lines for the New Tang Dynasty Television's New Years Gala in New York are jammed by callers from Beijing (Between Heaven and Earth).

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