Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Communists Drop Unocal Bid

Normally, I'd wait for the next News of the Day, but good and important news like this can't wait. The Communist-owned China National Offshore Oil Company "abandoned its rival bid for California-based oil and natural gas provider Unocal Corp." (Washington Post). The Communists' attempt to take over the American oil firm ran into trouble when rival bidder Chevron's offer was endorsed by Unocal's board of directors. The Communists could have thrown more money into their bid; in fact, they say they "would have done so but for the political environment in the U.S." By that, they probably mean this: fourth, seventh, and second items.

Keep in mind, no piece of legislation actually passed, no action was actually taken by the Administration. A few hearings in Congress, a bunch of editorials, and some blogs (OK, perhaps that's just an ego-stroking stretch) managed to scare of the Communists. That's how hypersensitive the Communists are right now. Rather than risk a political tangle that could last long enough for the anti-Communist right and the anti-Communist left to form a lasting alliance - and that is the one thing in the American political arena that scares Zhongnanhai more than anything else - they will pull back and let everything die down.

Now we can see how well pressure works in Canada, where the Communist-owned China Shipping Group is going after CP Limited Ships. Like Unocal, CP has other bidders, including France's CMA CGM. As observers of Canadian politics (and nearly all Canadian readers of this blog) know, Canada's government is more malleable to the Communists than America's. However, the opposition in the Great White North has quietly become the most anti-Communist party in the democratic world. With enough pressure from either side of the 49th parallel, Communist China will face a choice. Do they go ahead and had the opposition an issue (selling off of Canadian firms to a hostile foreign power) that could very well do what nothing else seems to have done: namely, get them elected to government? Or do we back off, save our buddies in Ottowa the headache, and try again when no one is watching?

Now, I've been waiting for an election in any democratic nation where Communist China is the top issue (or at least one of them) for years, and Canada is the best shot we have for that. Still, at the very least, the Unocal victory tells us that the Communists can indeed by stopped. There's no reason not to try to stop them again.


Anonymous said...

For what its worth, Canada has a soft spot for communists. It's a fact that Canada's health care is state run exactly the same model as Cuba and north Korea. No private insurance allowed to compete with the state run system.
China is a recipient of $60,000,000.00 yearly of Canadian tax dollars.
How many CP ships can you buy with that kind of money?
Mainstream media in Canada is left wing and lap dogs of the current crypto- communist Liberal government.

Anonymous said...

I like your consistency in calling it 'Communist China'. Never let it get away without the trade mark of 'Communist.' Calling it China or these Communist thugs Chinese confuse lots of real issues. The Communist regime installed in the mainland of China is illegal in the first place. It was an invasion by Comintern led by Lenin/Stalin. If Bin Laden should overthrow and replace the current Saudi government, would we accept Al-Queda as a legal regime there?
According to CanadaFreePress,the Liberal Party leader and the PM of Canada, Paul Martin, has a mentor, Maurice Strong, who stationed six months of a year in Beijing and whose sister Anna Louise Strong was a Comintern member very close to Mao and Zhou.
The first 'anonymous' was right about the media and the government in Canada. I would add that the Chinese language media there, Radios, TVs, and Press, branded as 'neutral and multi-cultural', except Epoch Times, are para-Communist. No one, not a single one, discussed or mentioned the "Nine Commentaries"!
The Communist's 'united front' tactics are tricks of corruption.
You can find corruption in every thing and anyone if it is pro-Communist Chinese or an apologist for Communist China. Clinton's Chinagate, for instance.