Tuesday, August 16, 2005

News of the Day (August 16)

Are the Communists plotting to assassinate Chen Yonglin? Unnamed sources close to former Communist consular officer Chen Yonglin claim that “friends (of Chen) within the Chinese Foreign Ministry” (Epoch Times) have told them that the cadres are “planning to assassinate him,” as well as former 610 officer Hao Fengjun and law professor Yuan Hongbing, “to send a clear message to any other would-be defectors.”

As “pig fever” spreads, Communists ban press coverage: The disease Communist China insists is Streptococcosis Suis (“Pig fever”) “has now spread to 10 cities, with at least 200 infections and dozens of fatalities” (Radio Free Asia via Epoch Times). The cadres have responded by going into full SARS-redux cover-up mode, with an order that “forbids local press from sending reporters to the infected areas or hospitals,” according to Ming Pao (cited by RFA). The World Health Organization has also been barred from examining the disease, which many believe could be a bird flu and at least one doctor diagnosed as Ebola (fourth item). Meanwhile, according to Boxun, the disease may have hit Shenzhen, the city next door to Hong Kong.

Communist China going after more Canadian energy projects: Communist China, licking its wounds from the Unocal debacle, is trying north of the 49th parallel; the Communist-owned PetroChina “plans to enter the bidding for PetroKazakhstan, a Canadian-owned company” (United Press Int’l via Washington Times). The oil itself is, of course, in Kazakhstan, who “wants to increase economic and political ties with the Chinese.” Communist-owned firms already have large chunks of Canadian oil projects (third item). Meanwhile, Li Ka-shing – Hong Kong’s leading pro-Communist tycoon – is “may invest in a 2,824-megawatt hydropower plant” in Newfoundland (Bloomberg).

Communist China becomes an issue in Japanese election: The opposition Democratic Party of Japan announced it “would adjust Koizumi's foreign policy, now centered on a strong alliance with the U.S. and pursue stronger ties with China and South Korea” (Bloomberg) if it defeated Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi in the September 11 vote.

Australians show support for ex-Communists: Over one hundred Australians marched in Brisbane to “show their support for the 3.5 million people who have withdrawn from the CCP” (Epoch Times); the number of Communists who have resigned in reaction to the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party is now over 3.6 million.

On the Communist treatment of their military: As this letter to the Epoch Times reveals, the Chinese Communist Party has even abused members of its own military.

Ignorant Comment of the Day: Woe Canada! Today’s winner is P. J. Harston, London Free-Press (Ontario), for his puff-piece on a local who’s about to embark on a journey of bribing cadres, losing money, and all the other hijinks of “business” in Communist China.

Petitions: The China Support Network has put together seven excellent anti-Communist petitions (full disclosure, I had a hand in writing a few).


Anonymous said...

DJ, ya gotta stop quoting Falun Gong propaganda, it's totally biased. Australian government already said they don't believe Chen's outlandish "ninja assassin" claim:


Foreign Minister Alexander Downer was sceptical.

"It would be highly improbable that the Chinese would be sending assassination squads around the world chasing people who have got protection visas of one kind or another," he said.

"I haven't ever heard of it happening, at least in modern times."

D.J. McGuire said...

All I did was relay what the sources said, although I will admit I tend to believe them much more than I do the Australian government.

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