Tuesday, August 30, 2005

News of the Day (August 30)

Hu Jintao to speak at Yale; Falun Gong wants Bo Xilai out of delegation: The news that Communist Commerce Minister Bo Xilai will come with Hu Jintao for the regime leader’s trip to the U.S. has angered Falun Gong practitioners. Before becoming Commerce Minister, Bo was Governor of the thoroughly corrupt Liaoning Province, and oversaw the local persecution of Falun Gong, which was especially brutal. The spiritual movement is hoping Bo is denied and entry visa (Epoch Times). One early flashpoint is sure to be Hu’s scheduled speech at Yale (Voice of America via Epoch Times).

Now the U.S. tries textile talks: After the EU couldn’t reach a deal with Communist China on the latter’s surge in textile exports to the former (sixth and eighth items), the U.S. is beginning its own talks with the cadres (BBC). The U.S. slapped restrictions on Communist textile exports after the end worldwide textile trade curbs on January 1 (fifth item) led to a Commnunist export surge that has, among other things, crowded out exporters from developing nations in the process (fifth, fourth, and second items).

Communist China finally lets UN torture rep visit: After years of stalling, Communist China “agreed to allow visits by senior United Nations human rights officials – including, for the first time, an expert who focuses on allegations of torture” (Cybercast News). The torture official Australian lawyer, Manfred Nowak, said he would visit, among other places, the occupied nations of Tibet and East Turkestan.

Ethan Gutmann rips American tech sector for aiding in Communist censorship: The author of Losing the New China, speaking at a forum in Taipei, “criticized American corporations for facilitating the world's largest ‘big brother’ Internet by pointing an accusing finger at Cisco Systems, Microsoft, and search engine Google” (Taiwan News).

Ignorant Comment of the Day: Buried in an otherwise very good piece on Communist China’s cyberwarfare capabilities, Peter Brookes, New York Post, unleashes this clunker: “China isn't necessarily America's next enemy.” One assumes he hasn’t read this.

More Commentary on Communist China: Liu Guifu is one of the many Falun Gong practitioners suffering in Communist labor camps. Her daughter, Purdue University student Meng Xiangji, spoke the Epoch Times about her plight. Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch, in his desperate attempt to make money selling programming in Communist China, followed the Communist party line faithfully – and nauseatingly – for years. As Time Asia’s Matthew Forney discovered, it has practically come to naught. Finally, Communist China’s continued reach into Africa (third, sixth, sixth, seventh, sixth, ninth, and twelfth items) caught the attention of Fred Bridgland, Sunday Herald (Scotland).

More on Stalinist North Korea: As Representatives Tom Lantos (D-California) and Jim Leach (R-Iowa) visited SNK to prod the regime back to the overhyped six-party talks on its nuclear weapons (BBC), the U.S. military “is making significant changes in strategy and would rely largely on sensors, smart bombs, high-speed transport ships and other hi-tech assets in any conflict with North Korea” (Newsmax).


Anonymous said...


Unfortunately the CIA has become the icon of secret intelligence work, which means it is assumed to be more efficient and clever than it really is. (The CIA's bungled targeting of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade during the Nato strikes shows that the agency is not what it's commonly cracked up to be.) Nonetheless, from Beijing's point of view, the mere fact that "Master Li", its No 1 trouble-maker of the moment, resides in the US raises uncomfortable questions. Who expedited the 1996 immigration formalities of the then unknown guru at a time when Chinese were lining up in record numbers at US embassies and consulates to try to get permission to enter the US?
So what is the real story? Is Mr Jiang and the party he commands really scared of Falun Gong or are they just irritated by it, using it as a convenient "enemy" to whip the nation into line? Regardless of Mr Jiang's motives, there is no justification for kicking, beating and roughing up suspects. Furthermore, accounts of prison abuse, torture and criminal negligence leading to death are mounting and incriminating. In this respect Beijing has a lot to answer for. On the other hand, the US record in handling apocalyptic groups in the thrall of egotistical, messianic gurus is far from sterling, and shocking abuses, including murder and negligent homicide, have occurred. Yet few, besides defenders of the extremist militias behind the bombing of the federal offices in Oklahoma in 1995, would argue that the US Government is fascist and needs to be overthrown.
In September, Li Hongzhi recklessly, from the safety of exile, urged his flock to step up confrontation with police to achieve "consummation" even though it could mean death on this planetary sphere.

On its characterisation of Falun Gong as a cult that aims to destabilise the regime, I think Beijing is largely in the right. Falun Gong looks, acts and smells like a cult with grandiose earthly political ambition, not to mention the interplanetary stuff.

The idea that it is merely an old ladies' exercise group is disarming and disingenuous, despite the bona fide presence of followers who seek health-restoring exercise regimes. Cults thrive on pulling in political innocents who are then used as pawns in a larger political struggle.

Makina said...

I think that the real threat is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and not Falun Gong.

The CCP launched the genocidal campaign against Falun Gong and their charismatic leader in 1999. Six years later the CCP is still torturing and killing those people for their belief in Truth, Compassion and Tolerance. Rumour has it that China's dictator Jiang Zemin was jealous of Li Hongzhi's popularity. So Jiang placed himself above the 'rule of law' by ordering the persecution of its adherents and involve all levels of government, public security and para-military personnel, judicial and diplomatic systems to persecute Falun Gong. In so many words he declared War on Falun Gong. His motto: No method of torture is too excessive for the Falun Gong. It's a sad tragedy.

I know lots of practitioners...they are peaceful and harmless and all they want to do really is to practice their exercises to keep fit and rescue their family members tortured in China and bring the torturers to justice.

The CCP, who controls everything in China, is afraid of things/people they cannot have control over like the Falun Gong regardless of whether they are harmless or not. It's real bad medicine. No wonder that more than 6 million people have quit that evil party. Time will tell who will win the battle of good and evil.