Tuesday, August 02, 2005

News of the Day (August 2)

Stalinists souring on nuclear talks: Stalinist North Korea’s envoy to the six-party talks on its nuclear weapons called the prospect for a joint statement “bad” (BBC), meaning even that incredibly low bar may be missed. These talks are the longest since Russia, the U.S., Japan, South Korea, SNK, and its Communist Chinese allies first met on the sbuject – a fact some are spinning as a success in itself (Epoch Times). Will they never learn?

Communist military concerns officials in U.S. and Japan: The continuing Communist military buildup has caused concern in Japan, where the Defense Ministry called for “more accurate information about (Communist China’s) defense spending and military capabilities” (BBC). Several American experts are also worried about the Communist military, and expressed them to the House Armed Services Committee (Epoch Times).

Communist-owned oil firm opens oil field in Kazakhstan: A subsidiary of the Communist-owned China National Petroleum Corporation opened a new oil field in Kazakhstan (United Press International via Washington Times).

WHO questions Communists’ “pig fever” diagnosis; one doctor claims it’s Ebola: The World Health Organization “urged China to carry out further tests on the disease, saying the high mortality rate could mean other factors were involved as well as streptococcus suis” (BBC). It is the first time the WHO – still banned by the Communists from coming anywhere near the afflicted area (eighth item) – publicly challenged the cadres’ assertion that the disease that has killed over 30 is “pig fever.” Meanwhile, the Free China Forum, an internet BBS, “posted an interview transcript with Doctor Wang” (Epoch Times). She examined the virus and actually found it to be Ebola.

U.S. Swimming coach suggests Communists are hiding swimmers from drug tests: U.S. men's team coach Dave Salo had a very good World Championships event, but the lack of a presence from Communist China “raises suspicions” (Washington Post). Salo suggested the cadres were hiding their better swimmers in order to slip them by the Olympic drug testers, who tests at random but only center around known swimmers.

On Communist China and the United States: Economist-turned-dissident He Qinglian tells the Epoch Times that Communist China’s decision to inch its currency upward was to “bargain with the US government, in the same way that it uses political dissidents as bargaining chips.” John LeBoutillier, Newsmax, calls for the U.S. to maintain and extend its space program, in no small part to stay ahead of Communist China.

On Zimbabwe: Roger Bate, American Enterprise Institute, says Communist China’s embrace of Robert Mugabe has its limits – a major deal with Mugabe “was torn up last week” (Weekly Standard) to keep the wealthier and more powerful South Africa happy.

On land seizures: Daniel Griffiths, BBC, details and examines Communist China’s spate of land seizures, and the fury it has unleashed in the impoverished rural interior. One thing missing: there was only a passing reference to the Hanyuan County Massacre.


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