Friday, August 05, 2005

News of the Day (August 5)

How Communist China’s allies view the War on Terror: Pervez Musharraf, the leader of longtime Communist ally Pakistan, claims he finally “extremely serious” (Newsweek) about combatting the terrorists in his country, despite the fact that he has an alliance with their biggest supporters, the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (Washington Post). Meanwhile, Iran, recipient of nucelar aid and diplomatic support from Communist China, was caught sending roadside bombs into Iraq to be used against U.S. troops (MSNBC, Newsmax)

SNK talks stretch on: The talks between Stalinist North Korea and the U.S. on the former’s nuclear weapons program are into their eleventh day, albeit with “little sign of producing a common declaration of principles” (BBC). The latest sticking point is the Stalinists’s demand for “a civilian nuclear power capability” (Cybercast News). On this, each now claims the other four participants – Stalinist ally Communist China, Russia, Japan, and dovish South Korea – agree with them. Meanwhile, South Korea tried to bridge the gap with a joint Korean soccer match, but all the SNK coach could do was praise Stalinist-inc-chief Kim Jong-il (United Press Int’l via Washington Times).

Wisconsin couple banned from exports to Communist China after weapons sales: The Commerce Department has placed Ning Wen and his wife, Hailin Lin, “on a list of people banned from export licenses” (Newsmax) after they were caught selling “national security controlled items to the People's Republic of China,” in particular computer chips and electronics that “can be used by the Chinese military for advanced missiles, radar or military communications devices.”

Baidu on NASDAQ: Communist Chinese web search engine becomes the latest to fleece U.S. investors – ahem, land a spot on America’s stock exchanges (BBC).

Communist China likes U.S. opposition to Security Council expansion: Remember when Communist China pledged support for India’s bid for a United Nations Security Council seat? Well, never mind; after killing it privately in April (eighth item), the Communists have publicly shot it down again (BBC), this time hiding behind the U.S.

Indian PM says U.S. deal has nothing to do with Communist China: Indian Prime Minister insisted the new U.S.-India alliance (second item) would not be “at the cost of China or any other country” (UPI via Washington Times). It is believed he said that in large part to assuage left-wing parties who could bring down his government. Of course, the U.S. has publicly said nothing to conflict with Singh’s statement. Meanwhile, Larry Kudlow, he of the infamously silly comments on Communist China, finally gets it right with his examination of India’s future (National Review Online).

Alberta gives Communist hatemongers free pass: The government of Alberta has decided not to press hate-crime charges against Communist consular officials in Edmonton despite the police’s belief that virulently anti-Falun Gong pamphlets distributed by the officials “did constitute a breach of law” (Edmonton Sun).

Ching Cheong charged with spying: Over two months after arresting him, Communist China finally got around to charging Straits Times (Singapore) reporter Ching Cheong with spying (BBC). The Communists claim Ching was spying for Taiwan; in reality he was searching for a book of interviews with the late Zhao Ziyang in which the deposed Communist leader insisted many cadres wanted the same things the students of the Tiananmen Spring did – democracy – before they were gunned down and he was put under house arrest. Zhao refused to recant his opposition to the bloody crackdown, and reamined imprisoned in his own home for over fifteen years, until his death last January.

Gas shortage hits Guangdong: The energy shortage in Communist China (tenth, sixth, eighth, and sixth items) spread to hit drivers in Guangdong Province, which is now witness gas lines reminscent of the 1970s in the United States (BBC).

On Communist China and Brazil: The Economist sees the great Communist China-Brazil alliance coming a-cropper, although, being the Economist, the geopolitical implications of such souring are completely lost on the magazine.

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