Wednesday, May 23, 2007

News of the Day (May 23)

U.S.-Communist China trade talks under way - without contaminants on the agenda: Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson opened the talks by assuring Communist Vice Premier Wu Yi that the United States is "not afraid of the competition" (United Press Int'l via Washington Times). Of course, the things of which we should be afraid, namely Communist China's geopolitical objectives (Boycott 2008), human rights violations (Between Heaven and Earth), and last but not least its poisoned exports (Steve Janke and the Washington Post), are not on the agenda.

Communist China goes after Korean refugee support structure: Now anyone involved in helping refugees escape Stalinist North Korea faces arrest (Daily NK).

More news from "another China province": The Beijing surrender takes more hits from Daily NK and John Bolton (One Free Korea); Newsweek's Christian Caryl takes the Stalinists' guided tour; and the regime increases its jamming of anti-Stalinist radio (Daily NK).

Singapore Airlines to buy a piece of China Eastern: The Communists manage to swindle roughly $1 billion out of the foreign airliner (BBC).

Communist China to "encourage," but not mandate, real-name blogging: The cadres have decided not to ban anonymous blogging, but instead use incentives to discourage it in a rare victory for the local netizens (BBC).

Anti-demolition conference held by citizens in Wuhan as residents are crushed in Chongqing: The cadres in Chongqing sent thugs to demolish several homes as part of a land seizure, and all who were not able to escape "were buried alive in the process" (Epoch Times). Nefarious deeds like this led to "an outdoor Human Rights Conference on Hualou Street in Wuhan City on May 20" (Epoch Times) specifically dedicated to battling cadre-ordered demolitions. The meeting was dubbed "the first public human rights conference ever held in China."

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