Tuesday, May 08, 2007

News of the day (May 9)

Communist China caught selling weapons to Sudan: Amnesty International has released a report revealing that Communist China has sold the Sudanese regime "weapons (which) end up in the hands of the government-backed Janjaweed militia" (BBC) - the militia that is chiefly responsible for the slow-motion genocide in Darfur. The Communists, naturally, deny this.

Frank Hsieh to become DPP candidate for President of Taiwan: The former Prime Minister and former Mayor of Kaohsiung easily won the popular primary, and all other candidates (including yours truly's favorite - Vice President Annette Lu) have withdrawn before the second, convention-like, phase (BBC). While Hsieh is more low-key and "moderate" than outgoing President Chen Shui-bian, leading Taiwan defender John Tkacik thinks him "a very able man" (Washington Times), which should count for something. He will face Kuomintang nominee Ma Ying-jeou next spring.

Taiwanese official drops hint of possible Olympic boycott: The fact that the folks on the island democracy are considering it is encouraging (Boycott 2008), but the ultimate decision is likely in the hands of whomever succeeds Chen.

Communist China looking to rope the rest of the world into its web crackdown, again: Retired Communist General Xiong Guangkai, currently head of the China Institute for International Strategic Studies, is rehashing an old Communist plan to convince the rest of the world to "ensure information security" (Worldwide Standard). In effect, he's asking the rest of the world to accept and emulate Communist China's crackdown against its own internet users.

Behind the face the Communist regime presents to the rest of the world: A very interesting trio of pieces reveal how the regime lies to the rest of the world about what goes on in the areas under its control. Eric Baculinao (MSNBC) focuses on the new methods the cadres use to corral the press; Gary Feuerberg (Epoch Times) details the ruse on political freedoms; and Daniel Griffiths (BBC) details the "mixed messages" on the environment.

Communist China's abuse of North Korean refugees continues: Several women who escaped northern Korea told Daily NK about the horrors they faced in Communist China, including being forced into sexual slavery. Meanwhile, one of the Koreans who had done his utmost to help the refugees - Reverend Kim Dong Shik - is believed to be dead at the hands of the Stalinists (Daily NK).

Beijing surrender news: One Free Korea examines the resignation of Victor Cha; Daily NK calls on the Bush Administration to stop pandering to Stalinist North Korea.

More news from "another China province": SNK is about to export booze to the United States; One Free Korea is not pleased. Daily NK tracks Stalinist-in-chief Kim Jong-il's visits to military bases. The mullahcracy of Iran welcomes a North Korean delegation (IRNA).

Speaking of the Communist-backed mullahcracy of Iran: Bing West, embedded reporter in Iraq, reminds us that the Tehran regime is "in essence waging a proxy war against the US" in Iraq (Worldwide Standard).

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