Thursday, May 03, 2007

News of the Mid-Week (May 2-3)

Communist poisoned food stuffs reached farm chickens - and thus, humans: According to news reports cited by the indefatigable Steve Janke, "millions of chickens . . . were given feed tainted with recalled pet food" and "2.5 million to 3 million people ate them." Meanwhile, Perdue and Tysons, both of whom do not use Communist imports in their chicken feed, are turning "Guaranteed free of food products from China" into a marketing tool.

Communists not happy with Canadian Foreign Minister "harping on human rights": The cadre-run China Daily led the rhetorical charge against Peter MacKay - and the Harper government in general - bluntly saying, "Sino-Canadian ties have soured since the Conservative Party took power in Canada last year" (Globe and Mail).

Communist espionage in Canada reverberates: While said Foreign Minister MacKay was caught off-guard by it all (Globe and Mail), but the National Post's number two particularly noted the Long Arm of Lawlessness (Between Heaven and Earth), while one of the possible victims of spying - Bombadier - is not talking (Saskatoon Star-Phoenix).

NYC Comptroller wants Google to stop cow-towing to Communist China and others: The folks running Google are dealing with a major challenge from one of its bigger shareholders - the New York City's Comptroller. As the lead agent in several Big Apple pension funds, the Comptroller holds over $200 million in Google stock, and is putting forward a proposal to insist Google cut back on appeasing tyrants such as Communist China and making public specific appeasement incidents (Network World). Naturally, Google's leadership is aghast, but the rest of us can thank said Comptroller, William C. Thompson, Jr.

Duncan Hunter to bring anti-Communist message to tonight's debate: He who must be President spoke to Politico about his campaign, and noted that "his major contrast with the leading GOP candidates is on trade with China . . . he said he would take a much more aggressive posture against China if elected president."

Activists take aim at Communist China's support for Sudanese regime: The Save Darfur Coalition is urging to financial firms - Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and Fidelity Investments - to end investing in the China National Petroleum Company; the Communist-run firm is the lead investor in Sudan (Cybercast News and Toronto Star).

More on Communist China and the United States: Congressman Tom Lantos wants to ensure that "security" at the Beijing Olympics is not an excuse to let the cadres violate human rights (Boycott 2008); the U.S. Trade Representatives rip Communist China on piracy (BBC); National Review Online's David Frum reviews Minxin Pei's China's Trapped Transition: The Limits of Developmental Autocracy. Richard Bush and Michael O'Hanlon examine Communist China's geopolitical rise (Washington Times).

Taiwan news: America repeats its call for Taiwan's opposition-controlled legislature to agree to an arms sale six years in the offing (BBC). Ma Ying-jeou is officially selected as the Presidential candidate for said opposition (BBC). The cadres rip St. Lucia for re-establishing relations with Taiwan (Washington Times).

Beijing surrender news: The United States "is willing to give North Korea more time to act on its nuclear disarmament pledge" (BBC), which will certainly make dovish South Korea (United Press International via Washington Times) happy. Meanwhile, Glenn Kessler (Washington Post) talks to Victor Cha, the man whose memo inspired this debacle.

Religious persecution in Communist China continues: The Communist regime continues to persecute all faiths that don't accept the supremacy of the CCP, according to the Commission on International Religious Freedom (cited by BH&E). The Epoch Times has a specific example of this regarding Falun Gong.

Author of book on "one child" outrage speaks to the Epoch Times: Talia Carner wrote China Doll last year; she talks about what this book meant for her, and how it led her to become an expert in what she rightly calls "gendercide."

More on human rights in Communist China: Xu Poheng (Epoch Times) calls on the Communist to give "the gift of freedom - not two pandas." BH&E examines the new Communist "ban" on organ sales with a skeptical eye. Jin Zhong, head of Open Magazine, talked about how the Communist tyranny has turned China into a cultural wasteland (Epoch Times).

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