Tuesday, May 15, 2007

News of the (longer than anticipated) Weekend (May 12-15)

Human rights activists give Communist China three months to avoid boycott call: David Matas and David Kilgour are calling for "(a)n international boycott of the Olympics . . . on August 8 this year if human rights in China do not improve" (Epoch Times, h/t Makina at Boycott 2008). The call come amid a growing number of pundits linking the Communist Olympics to the regime's alliance with the blood-thirsty Sudanese dictatorship (Boycott 2008); even Olympic "artistic advisor" (BBC) Steven Spielberg is asking the Communists to change course on Sudan. Meanwhile, the Communists invited President Bush to the Games (Boycott 2008), and Tibetans are planning an alternative Olympics (Boycott 2008).

Taiwan gets new PM and same old rejection from World Health Organization: Chang Chun-hsiung was tapped by President Chen Shui-bian to replace Su Tseng-chang, who guit after losing the Democratic Progressive nomination for President in next year's election (BBC); one of the first events of Chang's tenure was a series of military exercises (BBC). Meanwhile, the island democracy was shunned by the World Health Organization once more (Washington Times).

Russia apparently deports Falun Gong practitioner: If true, it is another example of the Putinist regime making its Communist arms buyers happy (Epoch Times, h/t Between Heaven and Earth).

Chirac embarrasses his nation one last time: Just before Jacques Chirac retired as President of France, his nation handed the L├ęgion d'Honneur award to Long Xinming, the cadre tasked with cracking down on independent media (huaxiabao via Epoch Times).

Commander of U.S. Pacific forces wants more military ties with Communist China: Admiral Timothy J. Keating announced the bone-headed policy while in Communist China itself (Washington Post).

Italy's fashions stolen by hackers in Communist China: The goal of the thieves is "to steal fashion ideas and counterfeit them before the genuine articles can hit the streets" (Washington Times).

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: Concerns at the Wall Street Journal abound at the possibility that Rupert Murdoch will bend its coverage of Communist China to fit his "engagement" mindset (BH&E). A New York State Assemblyman rips Communist human rights abuses (Epoch Times). EU-Communist China talks are ripped by the European Parliament's Vice President (Epoch Times). Germany's Parliament calls for the closure of Communist China's labor camps (BH&E). Australia's Foreign Affairs critic clarifies earlier remarks about the U.S. and Communist China (AAP via Epoch Times). A Nigerian satellite gets a Communist missile boost (BBC). The Tibetan Aid Project works to preserve Tibetan culture (Epoch Times).

Beijing surrender news: The desperate attempt of the United States to appease Stalinist North Korea (for analysis, see Daily NK, Daily NK again, UPI via Washington Times) has led to this observation by One Free Korea: "here’s something I though I’d never see: U.S. government officials more-or-less openly engaging in a conspiracy that would land anyone else in a federal prison for international money laundering." Luckily for OFK, he's not alone (see also Daily NK).

More news from "another China province": A defector talks to Daily NK about the Stalinist prison system. A refugee hiding in Communist China proper discusses the "military-first" policy in SNK (Daily NK).

Gao Zhisheng is in "fragile" health: That is the account of activist Hu Jia, who was able to meet with the human rights lawyer earlier this month (Radio Free Asia via Epoch Times).

More mainland "pan-blues" persecuted by the Communists: Unlike the Taiwanese "pan-blues" - for whom "pan-red" might be more appropriate - the Pan-Blue Alliance on the mainland has remained anti-Communist (Epoch Times).

Yet another land seizure, this one affected 2,000 people in Jiangcun Village (Hangzhou, Zhejiang - Epoch Times).

Communists hope Confucius will keep them in power as a counter to the spreading of anti-Communist spirituality and faith (Boycott 2008).

Is Huang Ju dead? Jennifer Chou of the (Worldwide Standard) has more speculation about the fate of the PSC member and high-ranking member of the Jiang Zemin/Zeng Qinghong faction.

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