Friday, May 04, 2007

News of the Day (May 4)

Communist food problems spread to catfish: Alabama and Mississippi have ordered catfish imported from Communist China be taken off the shelves of grocery stores due to high levels of contamination (Washington Times). The situation is so bad that Wal-Mart "has removed all Chinese catfish from its stores nationwide, 'to err on the side of caution.'"

Canadian people support tough stand on Communist China: The Angus Reid polling firm (h/t Uyghur American Association) found "76 per cent of respondents think Canada should place more emphasis on human rights and minority rights in its long-term policy with China, up four points since February. Meanwhile, 73% want the Harper government to keep pushing Communist China on the Huseyin Celil case.

Enlightened Comment of the Day: Guy Sorman's City Journal piece on Communist China (reprinted by Front Page Magazine) is an absolute must-read; he hits nearly every angle.

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: Pro-Communist tycoon Li Ka-shing expands the reach of Husky Energy (Globe and Mail - Streetwise Blog). Jay Nordlinger (National Review Online) praises the Students for a Free Tibet demonstration. Taiwan's National Council on Physical Fitness and Sports head comments on the Olympic torch flap (Taipei Times, h/t Boycott 2008).

Appellant dies after waiting thirteen years for his petition to be heard: Zhang Dongguang was wrongly imprisoned (by the Communists own admission) but his seized home was never returned to him. He spent a baker's dozen years trying to make his petition to local cadres. His efforts ended on Sunday, when he "collapsed no more than 300 meters away from the office" and died ( via Epoch Times).

A dam goes up, a village goes down: James Reynolds (BBC) talks to residents of Gongtan village (near Chongqing City), which is being evacuated and torn down to make room for yet another hydroelectric dam. In typical fashion, the cadres "just came in like robbers, telling us what to do," while the promised new homes for the villagers have not been built.

Communist China claims "huge" oil find: The Communist-run PetroChina firm "says it has made the country's largest crude discovery in a decade" (BBC). The discovery is in an existing oil field, but the field apparently has 5 billion barrels more than originally estimated (United Press Int'l via Washington Times).

Beijing surrender continues to be panned: Two Daily NK reporters comment of the Japanese abduction issue and the American definition of "patience," respectively.

More On Communist China's Korean colony: Daily NK has respective links on the Stalinists' persecution of religion and their prisoner torture techniques. Dovish South Korea is in talks with the Stalinist North about railroad crossings (BBC). Jay Nordlinger (NRO) takes note of the latest group of Koreans to defect from the Stalinist North to the democratic South.

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