Sunday, September 18, 2005

New to the Blog: Taiwan online petition

As your weekend comes to a close, please take some time to look at the newest link added to this site: an online petition in support of Taiwan's bid for membership in the United Nations. At present, the island democracy of 23 million is the only piece of real estate on the planet that has no representation in the UN.


Anonymous said...

Hey DJ, will you post link to my petition page and support the Hawaiian Kingdom's right to independence, and allow them to join the UN?

How about the Cherokee Nation? Our government actively blocks their UN petitions, pretty much like China. And we have our own "anti-secession law" that outlaws the Native Americans from arming themselves and assert their right to independence and statehood militarily.

Wow the recently passed Chinese version doesn't even say that about Taiwan. At the worst they aren't doning anything we didn't do.

China's civil war is China's business. Imagine how would we feel if Britian sold arms to the South and vowed to attack Union North in order to preserve Confederacy's right to self-determination?

Anonymous said...

Senior adviser with the U.S. State Dept. Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs:

"Soong met PRC President Hu Jintao and other PRC leaders in Beijing on May 12 and passed the message that Chen Shui-bian was willing to engage in dialogue with Beijing using a flexible formulation about what constituted "one China."