Wednesday, September 14, 2005

News of the Day (September 14)

Bush meets Hu Jintao in New York: President George Bush met Communist leader for talks at the United Nations summit in New York City. Hu made vague promises “to reduce the trade surplus” (BBC) with the U.S. (“expected to reach $200bn this year”), an even vaguer “commitment to persuade North Korea to give up nuclear weapons,” and stonewalled the President on Iran. Meanwhile, just outside, a group of Hu welcomers – suitably bribed, no doubt (fourth item) – jostled for attention with Taiwan supporters, Falun Gong practitioners, and Tibet supporters (Epoch Times).

Talks on Stalinist nuclear weapons begin: The latest round of overhyped talks on Stalinist North Korea’s nuclear weapons began in Beijing today, with SNK demanding a “right to peaceful nuclear activity” (Washington Times), or a “proposal compensating for the loss of nuclear energy” – i.e., reopen the aid spigots. Oddly enough, no one seemed to notice the compensation comments, which could very well be the road the U.S. takes toward a deal with the Stalinists – and no, that would not be a good thing.

Communist China still calling its rise “peaceful”: Communist China is now employing “Communist Party insider Zheng Bijian” (Newsmax) to sell the notion that Communist China is merely attempting a “peaceful rise” to world power status. Don’t believe it.

More on Communist China and the United States: The editors of the Epoch Times, compare Communist China and international terrorism. Meanwhile, Jonah Goldberg, National Review Online, is skeptical about America’s ability to convince the nations of Europe that it’s in their best interest to stand with the U.S. against terror and the CCP (perhaps the views of the European Parliament would ease his anxiety).

Communist-owned oil firms to drill in Kazakhstan: Communist-owned China National Offshore Oil Corp. and Chinese National Petroleum Corp. inked a deal with Kazmunaigas, a Kazakh firm owned the government there, “to explore for oil and gas in the northern Caspian” (United Press International via Washington Times, last item).

As resignations from the Chinese Communist Party passed 4.3 million, a rally in their support was held in Sydney, Australia (Epoch Times). Among those who made an appearance were defectors, Chen Yonglin, Hao Fengjun, and Yuan Hongbing.

More on events inside Communist China: Wang Zhen, Epoch Times, speculates on why Hu Yaobang is suddenly being lionized, and finds it’s all about preserving the Party.

Party orders city to nix “weird” foreign names from developments: Communists in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, “banned the use of foreign names for buildings and property developments” (BBC). The cadres replaced the “weird foreign titles” already in place with monikers designed “to keep our local characteristics.”


Anonymous said...

Hey DJ, I'm just curious:

- Has China invaded anyone on false WMD pretext like we have?

- Has China dropped depleted uranium dirty bomb on anyone, like we have?

- Chas China dropped multiple WWII worth of conventional munition on anyone, like we have?

Yet China is not peaceful? Who are you trying to kid?

- bobby fletcher

Anonymous said...

Hey DJ, do you know who else bribe/threaten people to attend government propaganda event? That's right, our own George Bush.

Many people attending the 9/11 freedom walk where holding department signs. I guess their presence too shows they are bribed/threatened to attend?

Anonymous said...

To: Anonymous alias "bobby fletcher"

Don't pretend to be a 'fletcher'. You are not a Scottish guy.

You may call yourself 'zhongguoren'(middle kingdom man) but you are not Chinese.

CCP together with Comitern have stolen the land and kidnapped the people. Their claim of ownership of China is therefore invalid to Chinese. The Chinese phrase "to acknowledge the thief as you father" describes a person who is the cheapest of the cheap.

Anonymous said...

It is way past due to place a 100% tarrif on all goods coming into USA from Communist China. This could destabilize the Commie Party. Confussion
say "Man who fart in Church has to sit in own Pew".

Anonymous said...

Hey DJ, you don't have to be anon in your own blog, good god.

The truth is I ain't never been a PRC citizen a day in my life; I'm an American.

- bobby fletcher

D.J. McGuire said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, Bob, but that wasn't me. I slap my name on every comment I make here.

As to your questions:

1) Communist China has invaded two of its neighbors (Tibet and East Turkestan).

2) If you had bothered to read Saturday's post, you would have seen that the Communists have done far worse than fire depleted uranium weapons - they have open-air tested nukes in occupied East Turkestan, killing over 200,000 in the process.

3) See #2.

Look, Bob, if you have certain issues with the past actions of the United States government, try to raise in them in the actual context of this blog.

If you have a problem with Iraq, fine; lots of my members do; but if you're trying to tell us that what you believe is a morally incorrect military action there is more important than the tens of millions of Chinese, Tibetans, and Turkestanis murdered by the Communists, you should expect more responses like the other anon.

Anonymous said...

DJ, I think you are being a little dishonest:

1) Tibet and Xinjiang is pretty much equivlant of our Native Americnas. They are conquered people, why is that we can hold on to ours but they can't?

2) Why are still quote MEK terrorists? I already provided citation on this. Here's an article that shows a huge gap in the 200,000 claim and actual recorded events:

And 200,000 is true, it is tiny compared to our own large amounts of nuclear test on Native American land, and the numbers affected in fall-outs/test accidents.

What about Leukemia? Dr. Michael Parenti had reproted after we dropped about 1000 tons of depeleted uranium in Iraq, their childhood leukemia rate is highest on Earth now.

3) See 2)

DJ, I think it really disgenuine of you to focus on China rather than what our own country is doing, not mere military action, but our state sponsored terrorist affect billions upon billions of humans on Earth.

Anonymous said...

DJ said:

"a morally incorrect military action there is more important than the tens of millions of Chinese, Tibetans, and Turkestanis murdered by the Communists"

Gee, how self-serving of you. Is the "tens of millions" in the same timeframe as Iraq? Please, if you want to dig back, dig back on our own atrocities too.

And let's not forget our state-sponsored terrorism affect billions and billions of human beings all over the world.

Anonymous said...

To: Anonymous alias bobby fletcher

re your "The truth is I ain't never been a PRC citizen a day in my life; I'm an American."

Having never been a PRC citizen doesn't explain away that you are not "zhongguoren" whose blood is flowing in your body and brain.
May we have more truth from you:
Are you a 'fletcher'?
Are you a Scot?

You appear, in the quote, to be proud to be an American and loath to be a Communist chinaman. What a hypocrite who has always blogged as a Communist China apologist and as the blame-America leftist.

Deng xiaoping, the god-father of 'Chinese Communists dressed in western suits', planned in 1986 to gradually 'conquer' America, while succesfully getting his grandsons and his younger son American citizenship. 10 days before the 1989 Tiananmen massacre, he sent 5 billions US dollars(via General Wang zhen, father of Wang jun, the head of CITIC which sponsored WMD proliferation) to his overseas accounts as he planned to take exile in America in case he'd be dethroned by the people. What a cowardly hypocrite Communist Deng was, reminds us of Saddam Hussein(Arab Baath Socialist) being dragged out from the 'rat hole' 2 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I'm white if that's what your getting at.

I'm sure DJ's blog welcomes bigots who lable others as "chinaman", simply because one's political view.

bobby fletcher

D.J. McGuire said...

No, Bob, bigotry is not welcome here. However, I don't think Anon was making a race reference more than he was a political one.

Note to Anon: just say "Communist" in the future. "Communist chinaman" can confuse people into thinking there is an ethnic issue, and give Bob over their more fodder.

BTW, Bob, you do realize the source you qouted on the nuclear test casualties doesn't actually believe the Communist propaganda stats, right?

And no, I did not rely on the NCRI, but the US-China Economic and Security Commission.

But I have a feeling this is all water off a duck's back. If you're really sticking to that "our state sponsored terrorist affect billions upon billions" line, you simply lack the seriousness and, I dare say, the intellectual capacity to have a conversation.

I feel sad for you, Bob.

D.J. McGuire said...

Uh, geez.

"Bob over their" should be "Bob over there."

Sorry, folks.

Anonymous said...

DJ, hate to break the news to ya, US-China Economic and Security Commission is government propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon, wasn't Saddam our best buddy at one point? Donald Rumsfeld even went to hug him, and delivered chemical weapon (and SatIntel) so he can gas the Iranians? I believe when Saddam gased the Kurds, Ronald Reagan didn't make a peep.

Speaking of the Kurds, didn't US/UK coalition allow Turkey access to the no-fly zone, and sold them F-16 loaded with anti-personnel cluster munition (another Geneva Convention highlight), so they can kill those darn Kurdish separatists/terrorists/freedom fighters?

What gives? Wait, wait, don't tell me - this is all them communist chinaman's fault, right?

Anonymous said...

To Whom It May Concern:

In their own language, the Communists call themselves "zhong-guo(China)-ren(man)" instead of traditional "hua ren(Chinese)".

Because the word "guo" means country/nation/kingdom, one is constantly reminded that he belongs forever to that country owned by the Communists, no matter where he goes.

Those who do not use Chinese language can never see the "country" trick devised by the Communists to intoxicate Chinese people. For, in English, the Communists do not and cannot affix 'country' or 'kingdom' to the word 'Chinese'.

The tragedy is that after nearly 60 years of propaganda, most Chinese have unwittingly accepted the term of "zhong-guo ren" instead of "hua ren".

Anonymous said...

Bobby Fletcher: Is probably full-time CCP blogger. I found many of his comments on many blogs.
(There is principle of good and bad among men. If someone is trying to turn it upside-down, no matter what excuse or twisted concept he use, he's doing a harm. Consciously or unconsciously)

Bobby (or whatever you are..), I can discuss China issue with you but you have to calm down and think about what I'll say. If you'll be everytime thinking about how to attack, slander, tarnish, etc. then it will be impossible to open some fields.. Did you read Nine commentaries? You should.. (aren't you curious what those "other" Chinese say? You can call it "other side" attitude)
Did you think recently about your future? Now I'm completely serious.
I'm not trying to match power with you or harm you at all. As long as you can listen I'm able to help you. Are you up to listen?