Wednesday, September 07, 2005

News of the Day (September 7)

Communist Chinese arrest of journalist aided by Yahoo! Reporters Without Borders blasted internet firm Yahoo! for “supplying information to China which led to the jailing of a journalist for ‘divulging state secrets’” (BBC). Yahoo! gave the Communists “information that helped link Shi Tao's personal e-mail account” to a computer from which he sent a message that “warned journalists of the dangers of social unrest resulting from the return of dissidents on the 15th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.”
Shi Tao has been in jail since last November (Boxun, see also fifth and fourteenth items).

Peasant who led suit against “one child” atrocities is now in prison: Less than two weeks after the Washington Post profiled Chen Guangcheng – the peasant who has led a class-action lawsuit against the hideous “one child” policy in Linyi, Shandong (tenth item) – police from that province followed Chen into Beijing, seized him, and dragged him back. While Zhongnanhai has tried to play itself off as sympathetic to Chen, forced abortion, infanticide, and murder are part and parcel of “one child.”

Falun Gong death last month at 61: At least 61 practitioners “were confirmed to be tortured to death in mainland China during the month of August” (Epoch Times).

Rice and Zoellick hoping talks with Communist China will lead to SNK deal: Deputy Secretary of State Robert B. Zoellick told the Washington Post that he and his boss, Condoleezza Rice, “have begun to explore with Chinese leaders the economic and political future of the Korean Peninsula.” While the talks have included a message from the American side that “we would have to take defensive countermeasures of various types” against SNK’s nuclear ambitions, Zoellick also “said he urged the Chinese to consider scenarios for the Korean Peninsula that ‘would be benign to us and which would be benign to them.’” We have asked before, and now ask again: Will they never learn?

Communist China to U.S. on UN action against Iran – stuff it: Leo Jen Tung, Communist China’s Ambassador to the Khomeinist mullahcracy of Iran, publicly blasted the idea of hauling Iran before the Security Council for its nuclear weapons program. The cadre made the comments while celebrating Zhongnanhai’s “excellent ties with a strong and sovereign Islamic Republic of Iran” (United Press Int’l via Washington Times). Of course, he left out how the Communists aided Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

More on Communist China and the United States: Boaz Herzog, Christianity Today, has the latest on the case of Xiaodong Li (second item), who may be sent back to Communist China because the U.S. Board of Immigration Appeals has stunningly decided that Communist China’s crackdown on churches outside its control were based on “laws on unregistered churches that it said China has a legitimate right to enforce.” The immigration board’s decision stunned Canadian blogger Russ Kuykendall, a.k.a. the Burkean Canuck (cross-posted to Friendly Blog Shotgun).

EU accepts textile deal: The European Union “approved a trade deal with China that aims to end a row over import quotas” (BBC). The deal, struck by EU Commissioner Peter Mandelson (tenth item), is the latest EU attempt to deal with a surge in textile imports from Communist China fueled by the January 1 end of worldwide textile trade curbs. Several developing nations who pushed for an end to the curbs have been crowded out of the EU and U.S. markets by the Communists (fifth, fourth, and second items).

On Hu Jintao: As the author of the Hanyuan County Massacre prepares to visit Canada (Cybercast News), the Epoch Times gathers together a symposium of leading anti-Communists (including yours truly), to offer their own words to Communist leader.


Anonymous said...

DJ, China is correct on this. Our accusation of Iran is as flawed as our accusation against Iraq was?

Where's the WMD? Bush regime is again trying to pull another "Iraq" - sanctions to induce hardship and resentment, then fabricate some pretext to justify our colonial invasion.

Does it matter that IAEA already said Iran didn't make HEU?,1280,-5228900,00.html

U.N. nuclear agency concluded that traces of highly enriched uranium found on centrifuge parts entered this country on imported equipment and did not result from Iranian enrichment activities.

D.J. McGuire said...


You might want to be careful about the IAEA. They haven't said one way or the other whether Iran is making HEU (in fact, the IAEA is deeply suspicious because the mullahs are hiding quite a bit from them).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, hauling Iran in front of UNSC for "haven't said one way or the other". This clearly shows where our agenda stand.

Why is that countries like China and Japan oppose Iraq model of sanction+confrontation? Could it be that they don't want to see their Iranisn oil concessions go to US oil companies after we invade Iran?

BTW, have you been watching the Big Texas oil stocks after our colonial invasion/occupation of Iraq? Wouldn't it be nice to bend over Iran like that?

Face it our middle east colonial war is for oil and profit.

-bobby fletcher

D.J. McGuire said...


My point was that Communist China cares more about making Iran happy than addressing American concerns about the mullahs' intentions (BTW, IMHO, the mullahs are lying through its teeth when it says it isn't producing nukes).

Again, this is an anti-Communist site. You can hold whatever view you like on Iraq or Iran (a number of my members - who get these posts via e-mail - are far nastier towards the Administration on this subject than you have been).

Why you're willing to swallow the ChiCom propaganda whole on Falun Gong is beyond me, but perhaps you can learn a few things from this site.

I appreciate your interest, though.

D.J. McGuire said...

Ugh! That should read "the mullahs are lying through their teeth when they say they aren't producing nukes."

I hate it when I do that.