Friday, September 16, 2005

News of the Day (September 16)

Communist China proposes agreement that gives SNK right to nuclear energy: As Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice talked about freezing Stalinist North Korean assets in the United States (Cybercast News) and the Proliferation Security Initiative, Communist China “put forward a new draft document” (BBC) to the six-party talks on SNK’s nuclear weapons program. The Communist offer would allow their Stalinist allies “a right to nuclear energy technology.” Of course, Communist China is just looking out for their ally, but if this deal is taken by the U.S., it will be clear: they will never learn.

At UN, Hu Jintao insists he supports “peace,” but is still stiffing U.S. on Iran: Hu told the United Nations General Assembly that a strong Communist China “can only serve peace, stability and common prosperity” (United Press Int’l via Washington Times). That “service” however, does not apply to Iran’s nuclear weapons program, to which the Communists have greatly contributed. They once again “turned down U.S. requests to help report Iran's case next week to the U.N. Security Council” (Washington Post).

Hu trip sidebars – a Communist reporter, a banned TV station, and “welcomers”: At a press conference in Canada on Communist China’s abuses of its own people timed to coincide with Hu’s visit there, a “reporter” from the Communist China Daily decided to skip asking questions and offered “a speech to defend his employer” (Yang Shu, Epoch Times). Meanwhile, the UN banned New Tang Dynasty Television from covering Hu’s aforementioned speech. No other media group was barred (Epoch Times). Finally, Tim McDevitt, Epoch Times, talks to some more “welcomers” (fourth and fifth items).

Chen Yonglin and Hao Fengjun back support network for defectors: The high-profile defectors from Communist China are also “calling on the Australian government to offer assistance” (Epoch Times). I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

Zimbabwe to get tigers from Communist China: The Robert Mugabe regime “is about to import four endangered Siberian tigers from China for captive breeding” (BBC) as part of an exchange program with the Communists. A biologist ripped the move as “cruel.”

Communists finding more uses for executed prisoner parts: In addition to forced organ donations, those slated for execution in Communist China – which in many cases includes political prisoners – can expect their skin to be “harvested . . . to develop beauty products for sale in Europe” (Guardian, UK, link courtesy Friendly Blog Shotgun).

Ignorant Comment of the Day: Today’s winner is the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), for their hopelessly conventional-wisdom report on the Communist economy (BBC). Note the silence on fudged statistics, corruption, or the fact that so many “private” owners are in fact cadres or relatives of cadres.

On the Skype ban: The editors of the Epoch Times examine the reasons the Communists banned Skype’s voice over internet protocol services, and finds that Skype threatens both China Telecom and the regime itself because of the privacy Skype provides its users.


Anonymous said...

Come on, DJ, you can't be serious. The light-water reactor does not lead to proliferation, and was something we proposed and agreed upon during previous administration, but unlatterally abrogated by Bush regime.

Are you saying our own government was also helping NK to proliferate? Did you read the Guardian article I cited? Donald Rumsfeld was even on the board of the company.

Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

Still yapping about Iran? I thought you said "not one way or another" - and we should haul Iran to UNSE based on that?

I can just see it, another Iraq in the making.

How far will our agenda to control the global production and distribution of oil go? How many more countries are we going to dirty bomb with DU munition before we attach China?

The American people will not stand for this. I want to thank you, DJ, you've pretty much convinced me to attend the September 24th anti-war protest.

- bobby

Anonymous said...

Oh my God Chen Yonglin wants money now? Defector support network funded by government, run (and profited) by whom may I ask?

Here's Mr. Chen's record:

- cited lone incident of kidnapping to support his asylum bid, and Australian Federal Police investigated and found his allegation to be false.

- refused to reveal his list of 1000 "spies and informants" (including non-Chinese Australian politians) but refused to disclose the list. IMO he rather wave around the list like Senator Joseph McCarthy.

- Accused the Chinese government of sending assassins to kill him (eventhou there are 1000 spies in Australia already.) This allegation was disputed by Australian government. And here's the pudding - he is still alive.

Where are the ninja assassins may I ask?

Anonymous said...

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