Thursday, September 01, 2005

News of the Day (September 1)

Communists announce “anti-terrorist” center, slander East Turkestan again: Communist China announced a plan for “a regional centre aimed at training policemen in anti-terror operations” (BBC). The Communists cited their usually trio of enemies – “terrorism, separatism and religious extremism” – as the subjects that will be taught at the center. Communist China has claimed – with no evidence to back it up – that Muslim Uighurs in occupied East Turkestan are bin Ladenites. Communist Ministry of Public Security deputy director-general Zhao Yongchen repeated the slander at a Congress on the Law of the World (United Press Int’l via Washington Times, second item).

Wei Jingsheng says Taiwan invasion could lead to nuclear war: Meanwhile, exiled dissident Wei Jingsheng told Bill Gertz (Washington Times) that Communist China’s probable invasion of Taiwan could lead to “nuclear war with the United States.”

Epoch Times banned from coverage of Hu Jintao: Communist China has banned the Epoch Times from covering Communist leader Hu Jintao’s visit to Seattle this weekend. Not that this should surprise anyone, given the cadres’ reaction to the paper’s founding.

More on Hu Jintao: John Patrick, China Support Network, rips President Bush for hosting Hu, while several exiled activists call on Hu to release imprisoned members of the China Democracy Party (Boxun).

U.S.-Communist China textile talks still going: The United States is still holding talks with Communist China “after failing to reach agreement in talks aimed at controlling China's surging clothing exports” (BBC) yesterday. Neither the U.S. nor the European Union could reach a deal with Communist China on the latter’s surge in textile exports (sixth, eighth, and second items). The U.S. slapped restrictions on Communist textile exports after the end worldwide textile trade curbs on January 1 (fifth item), which led to the aforementioned export surge that has, among other things, crowded out exporters from developing nations (fifth, fourth, and second items).

More on Communist China and the United States: Exiled dissident Fang Jue examines the state of affairs as he sees it between the U.S. and Communist China (Boxun). World Net Daily focuses on Communist China’s voracious appetite for American military technology – and their very disturbing success in getting a hold of it.

Communist China signs deal with UN rights envoy: Communist China “signed an agreement with the U.N. human rights agency yesterday to collaborate on reforming China's legal system” (Washington Times). The move was supposedly part of the UN “effort to persuade Beijing to embrace the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights” – never mind that the cadres have already signed the worthless “Covenant.” Meanwhile, internet activists Liu Di and Liu Xiaobo (fifth and seventeenth items) were placed under surveillance to ensure they would not embarrass the regime (Boxun).

More on human rights in Communist China: Sara Davis, Asian Wall Street Journal (via Boxun), laments the plight of petitioners – those who are trying to take grievances against local cadres to Zhongnanhai – and calls on the regime to end its horrible treatment of them. Kati Turcu, Epoch Times, talks to one of the artists involved in the Uncompromising Courage art exhibit, now showing in Australia.

Communist China says we should pay for their power plant: That Great Britain and the European Union decided to hand over to Communist China a major advance in power generation is bad enough. However, cadre Gao Guangsheng, when asked who should pay for the technology “designed to combat climate change” (BBC), responded with unmitigated gall: “Mr. Gao said they did not cause the climate problem and they expect the EU or the USA to pick up the whole tab.” Their emissions are our fault?

Communist Defense Minister hosts Greek counterpart: Communist Chinese Defense Minister and Central Military Commission Vice-Chairman Cao Gangchuan met with Greek Defense Minister Spilios Spiliotopoulos, praised “Greece's support of Beijing's ‘one-China’ policy” (UPI via Washington Times), and spoke of greater defense cooperation between Communist China and Greece.

Communist China hits U.S. on arms sales to Taiwan: In a recent Communist “policy document” (BBC), Communist China “issued a new warning over US arms sales to Taiwan,” and demanded Taiwan be excluded from anyone else’s missile defenses. The cadres also insisted their massive military buildup and modernization was “moderate.”

Cadre professor sues Deloitte Touche for calling Taiwan a country: Meanwhile, Fudan University Professor Xie Baisan filed suit against accounting firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CPA Ltd. The accounting firm “insulted him as a Chinese citizen” (UPI via Washington Times) and caused “mental anguish,” by listing Taiwan as a separate country on its website. Xie asked a Shanghai court to award over $12,000 in damages.

Communist mark anniversary of “regional government” in occupied Tibet: Communist China celebrated the 40th anniversary of the founding of the “autonomous region” of Tibet with the usual propaganda: “one cannot fully appreciate the gaiety permeating the region today” (China Daily, cited by Cybercast News). Of course, the fact that Tibet was a free country that the Communists invaded and have brutally occupied since 1950 was not discussed by the cadres. Also reporting: BBC

Hong Kong growing worried about contaminated Communist seafood: Shoppers in Hong Kong are shying away from fish and eels after the city announced freshwater fish and eels from the mainland, i.e., Communist China proper, contained the malachite green dye (Epoch Times). Hong Kong’s Apple Daily found that Communist China’s method of breeding eels included “more than ten drugs, such as flavomycin and chloramphenicol.”

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DJ, don't try to fool anybody, Epoch Times is a Falun Gong propaganda outlet, not independent media.

Alas, the credential denial came from the Chinese consulate. I needn't remind you embassy is sovereign terriroty.

Epoch Time is free to seek media credential from the Whitehouse, let's see if the US government is also alien-posessed, when ET is again denied media credential.