Friday, May 30, 2008

News of the Day (May 30)

U.S. investigating possibility of stolen laptop in Communist China: Apparently, the cadres "snagged a laptop left unattended by a top U.S. official there, copied the data and then used it to try to hack into U.S. government computers" (CNET News). Communist hackers have been so relentless that at one point the entire Commerce Department had to go off the internet for its own protection.

The Long Arm of Lawlessness in Canada and the United States: Chen Yonglin and Julie Liu rip the Communists for instigating a violent mob in New York City (Sound of Hope via Epoch Times). Meanwhile, the regime leaned on Vancouver City Councilman to stop them from recognizing Falun Gong (Epoch Times).

As quake donations top $5 billion, reports of corruption pour in: The massive amount of aid has already led to "several instances of misuse of funds" (Channel News Asia), including "government officials (who) were found hiding cases of milk, biscuits and drinks in a store run by their relatives."

The Olympic propaganda is back, and the repression continues: The Washington Post reports on the former; Inspire Magazine (via Uyghur American Association), Human Rights Watch (via Boycott 2008), and the Globe and Mail (Cdn., also via Boycott 2008) note the latter.

Communist group on Tibet reshuffled: Among the new members is Armed Police Commander Wu Shuangzhan (Central News Agency, Taiwan via Epoch Times).

Secretary Rice on North Korea policy, "It's not just my fault": OK, those weren't her exact words, but after this Washington Post piece, you'll get what I mean. Whomever is responsible for this debacle (the Stalinists are still boasting about being a nuclear power - Washington Post), Hery Sokolski takes rhetorical aim at them (National Review Online).

More news from "another Chinese province": One Free Korea reminds us of Barack Obama's contradictions on North Korea; OFK also reviews Secret Victims.

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