Tuesday, June 03, 2008

News of the Day (June 3)

Lawyers offering aid to Tibetans disbarred: Jiang Tianyong and Teng Biao, two of the lawyers "who signed an open letter offering legal help to Tibetans arrested" (Washington Post) in the March crackdown have suddenly been "denied renewal of the annual licenses necessary to practice law." Clearly Communist China is not interested in the Tibetans having legal representation outside Party control.

Former aide to Zhao Ziyang speaks out on Tiananmen massacre: Chen Yizi spoke to the Epoch Times about the massacre (which was nineteen years ago tomorrow) and present events in Communist China.

As schools collapsed in the quake, government buildings did not: Why am I not surprised (Financial Times)? Meanwhile, an anonymous expert has a radical theory on the cause of the quake (Epoch Times).

Commentary on the Battle of Flushing: Stephen Gregory and Tan Hohua speak out (Epoch Times).

News on “another Chinese province”: The United States and Stalinist North Korea are "running out the clock" on each other (One Free Korea); South Korea faces more dovish pressure (BBC); and Crossing is reviewed by the Washington Times (OFK).

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