Monday, June 23, 2008

What they are trying to hide

As the Communists continue their efforts to prevent anyone from speaking the truth (Epoch Times, The Hill, and Techstructions), the rest of the world may still ponder why. This weekend, we got several answers.

Be it substandard exports (Epoch Times and Washington Post), the real story behind the earthquake devastation (the shoddy construction that led so many buildings to fall and children to die - Epoch Times and Washington Post), or the truth about occupied Tibet (BBC and Epoch Times), in a normal country, the regime would be facing harsh questions. The cadres, however, are not interested in those, in no small part because they would eventually lead to the inevitable one - Why are you guys in charge? This especially holds true now that they have stopped subsidizing fuel and electricity (Epoch Times and Washington Post) - to say nothing of the Olympics (CNN, Epoch Times, Washington Post, and Washington Times).

So, the Communists hide the truth, and threaten anyone who will reveal it. They will also make sure their Korean colony provides enough distraction (One Free Korea, Washington Post, and Washington Times); of course, the regime has learned a thing or two about the need for repression in order to survive (One Free Korea).

For Beijing, its satellites, and its allies, anyone who looks to speak truth to power is a threat, and any nation that is willing to let them speak is also a danger. So the hacking, overseas intimidation, and anti-American policies will continue unless the free world ceases to be free, or the regime itself ceases. America and her democratic allies will never be secure until China is free.

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Charles said...

Communist China will do anything to keep hiding under the lambskin.

The 666 beast "had two horns like a lamb but spoke like a dragon." (Rev.13)

To hell the beast is destined. But woes to those who help Chi-Coms hiding.