Thursday, February 15, 2007

News of the Day (February 15)

Bush defends Beijing Surrender: The President actually had the audacity to claim that the deal "will be a great deal for the North Korean people if their government follows through" (CNN). One Free Korea gives the President a well-deserved rhetorical double-barrel: "Not since April of 1975 have we betrayed friends and rewarded enemies at such a breathtaking rate." OFK isn't alone; critics of the "deal" caught the attention of the Washington Post (via MSNBC) and made their case at Daily NK and National Review Online. Meanwhile, the Administration is also working to end financial counterfeiting penalties against the Stalinist North (Daily NK).

More on Communist China and the rest of the world: Dr. Wang Lian, the Communist spy who came in from the cold and defected to Australia, talks again to the Epoch Times about his ordeal. Communist Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing visits Japan (BBC). Falun Gong practitioners lose criminal case in Singapore (Epoch Times) and a parade issue case in San Francisco (KCRA). Daimler-Chrysler looks to get a stake in the cadre-run Chery firm's plans to export automobiles to the United States (World Net Daily).

Communists to launch new "anti-corruption" agency: The unnamed organization comes in response to "almost 100,000 party members . . . disciplined for misconduct last year" (BBC). This is just the latest of several "anti-corruption drives" - none of which have truly stemmed the tide of perfidy.

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