Tuesday, February 27, 2007

News of the Day (February 27)

Former CIA official told fellow China watchers not to cooperate with FBI counterintelligence: The arrogance dripping from Robert G. Sutter is breathtaking. Here's how he described his meeting with two FBI agents looking for his cooperation on countering Communist spying: "They also seemed to want and need some educating on policies and priorities of the Chinese administration, and the state of play in U.S.-Chinese relations" (Bill Gertz, Washington Times). Sutter also criticized the "sting" of Ronald Montaperto, the former Pentagon analyst who admitted to spying for Communist China.

More on Communist China and the United States: Heide B. Malhotra (Epoch Times) reveals the truth behind the fantasies driving business to throw good money after bad in Communist China.

Communist premier says democracy will come to China in 2107: Wen Jiabao is usually considered one of the lead "reformers" in the Chinese Communist Party. Wen revealed just how far off reform actually is in the minds of the cadres: "We must adhere to the party's basic guidelines of the primary stage of socialism for 100 years" (Herald Sun, Australia).

Here's what we can expect in the hundred years from now to then: Communist China imposes new restrictions on television reporting (Washington Post); a Falun Gong practitioner describes the torture dished out in a Communist prison (Between Heaven and Earth); BHaE has video of organ extraction from a Falun Gong live practitioner. Meanwhile, the CCP continues to stagnate (Hua Xia Electronic Journal via Epoch Times) and lose members (Epoch Times).

Did the United States agree to the Beijing surrender to keep SNK from helping Iran? Daily NK is reporting that Stalinist North Korea agreed "not to export nuclear material and technology to Tehran" as part of the nuclear "agreement" from earlier this month. If true, we have yet another perfect example of the Administration missing the forest for the trees.

More on Communist China's Korean colony: Nicholas Eberstadt rips the Beijing surrender (Mario Loyola: National Review Online - The Corner); Japan isn't happy either (Daily NK). The "Paul" from Peter, Paul, and Mary writes a song for Megumi Yokota (Daily NK). South Korea's dovish government prepares for talks with the Stalinist North (BBC), while President Roh Moo-hyun embarrasses himself (One Free Korea).

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